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Voting irregularities assailed in Compton primary election

Some residents decry “voting irregularities” in Compton April 19 primary election

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Sample ballots with incorrect polling places listed, missing/late provisional ballots among complaints to councilperson; city clerk has not received any complaints

COMPTON — An election town hall will convene Saturday, April 22, at 10 a.m. in city council chambers in wake of what many residents are calling “voting irregularities,” the Compton Herald has learned. The meeting is at City Hall, 205 S. Willowbrook Avenue.

Compton Herald | Tana McCoy

Compton District 3 City Councilperson Tana McCoy. Official photo

A flyer bearing the city seal and an image of City Councilperson Tana McCoy of District 3 was emailed to the Herald early Wednesday. We reached out to McCoy to confirm that the town hall is, in fact being hosted by her office.

“The town hall is being hosted by me,” she said. “People have concerns about the election. I hold meetings like these to allow them to express their concerns.”

Some residents decry that they received sample ballots that listed McNair Elementary School as their polling place, only to discover the school closed, when they arrived. Others did not receive provisional ballots until the polls were about to close, as late as 7:58 p.m.

Commissioner Bruce A. Boyden noted in a Facebook post, that “provisional materials” did not arrive at his polling place at the Dollarhide Community Center until 7:47 p.m. The time stamp on his FB post shows 7:57 p.m. He said the ballots arrived 10 minutes earlier.

The Herald called City Clerk Alita Godwin to address the concerns. Godwin told us at 4:27 p.m., Wednesday, that her office had not received any complaints.

“We don’t chase ghosts,” she responded. “Nor do we respond to what is said on Facebook. If people call us, we will try to answer their concerns, but we haven’t received any calls.”

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