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Victory Park baseball champions remembered

The ballplayers were 14-15 years old; most or all attended Manuel Dominguez Senior High School

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A team photo of the Compton Chevelles, 1967 Victory Park Senior League baseball champions. Source: Victory Park Senior League

Compton Legends: Victory Park Little Leaguers undefeated in 1967

COMPTON — Nineteen-sixty-seven was another social dispensation, when youth went to sock hops, drive-in theaters, and frolicked in safe neighborhood parks honing athletic prowess. That was most true with the boys than girls. It didn’t matter whether the sport was football, basketball, baseball or another. The expenditure of youthful energy was the main thing. Leaving it on the field and court kept kids out of trouble.

That was true of these youngsters whose inspiration and future ambitions are frozen in time in this team photo of the Compton Chevelles. Their youth was a different time — another era where street gangsters weren’t the ruling clan and pernicious street drugs wasn’t all-consuming.

It was a gentler time when the innocence of youth abounded.

The young Little League ballplayers here were 14-15 years old and the most or all attended Manuel Dominguez Senior High School. They are (bottom row left to right) Raymond Kearns, Edward Garrison, Andre Moore, Joe Faulkner, and Alton Evans; (top row, left to right) Donald “Wacky” Walker, Charles “Chucky” Davis, Coach Bill Taylor, John Moore, James Beamon, and Duane Filer.

The Chevelles went undefeated in the Victory Park Senior League in 1967.

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