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Vengeance ruling factor in Compton

Vengeance in Compton rules; has poisoned the “Hub City.”

Vengeance in city government has imperiled Compton; LA County should intervene as conservator

Vengeance in Compton rules and has poisoned the “Hub City.

Regrettably, the Compton Herald finds the current system of city government reprehensible and undeserving of support. The mayor and four councilpersons have ostensibly failed the electorate miserably. If it were possible, they should be relieved of duty at once for insubordination.

Simply because they cannot work together. Will not work together.

The city should be placed under Los Angeles County conservatorship because the elected body has consistently shown that it neither has the will nor the know-how to adequately govern this small municipality.

A war of attrition has ensued in council chambers for years, fueled and sustained by impetuous infighting, jealousy, envy, and greed to the detriment of the city. The council has lacked professionalism to rise above petty grievances for the betterment of the city and allowed despair — figuratively and literally – to erode the city. Councilmembers – including the mayor — have purposely hindered one another to avenged perceived slights.

Look around at the collateral damage. The universality of potholes is a metaphor for this disheveled, upside-down  town. The whole world is watching and gasping.

Local TV news cams have zeroed in on the political maelstrom, but the Herald has documented it for years, notably since 2013.

A recent letter from an avid reader poked fun at the city’s horrendous thoroughfares: “The streets in my mother’s [impoverished rural] town in Mexico look better” than Compton’s streets, the letter read.

Tens of millions earmarked for street repairs from a bond measure went to other areas of need after being promised for pothole repair. Lies abound

On the current mayor and council’s watch, local taxpayers have had to bear a “Failed Report Card” by the California State Controller, a $3.6 million heist in the City Treasurer’s office, financial improprieties in the City Clerk’s office, widescale abuse of city funds, inpetulant behavior with impunity time and again by one councilperson to the total embarrassment of Compton – not to mention naked cronyism and nepotism that routinely occurs.

Street gang bedlam used to be the bane of Compton. Not anymore. The hooliganism in council chambers by supposedly sane adults has supplanted the former.

And, because of the ongoing systemic failure of Compton city government, like the “Sharks” on the nationally-televised business series, Shark Tank, I declare — “I’m Out!”

No one in the current body is deserving of further support. Worst yet, no challenger to the incumbents in either Districts 1 or 4 are adequately qualified to succeed them, as they are merely surrogates of failed leadership.

Our vote is for county conservatorship.










Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.


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