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Should vacant Compton site become bridge housing facility?

The facility will provide a safe and nurturing environment for approximately 77 families when fully operational.

Compton Herald | vacant Compton site
A vacant lot at 1005 E. Rosecrans Ave. could be home to a facility providing a safe and nurturing environment for approximately 77 families when fully operational. Photo: Google

Union Rescue Mission seeks local input on vacant Compton site; facility for homeless families mulled

COMPTON — The Union Rescue Mission (URM) seeks public comments, ideas, and support for a new project planned for 1005 E. Rosecrans Ave., a vacant Compton site located on the north side of Rosecrans east of Van Ness Avenue in the city.

Compton Herald | Union Rescue MissionThe proposed project will be a bridge housing facility for homeless families and mothers with children only. Single men and women seeking help will be referred to URM’s skid row facility. URM is not requesting any funds from the City of Compton to build or operate this facility.

The preliminary design includes a 4-story building that contains approximately 82,000 square feet of space, surface parking, a playground, high- quality finishes, and attractive landscaping. The on-site parking will accommodate all facility residents and employees. To ensure a safe environment for residents and neighbors, the facility will have 24-hour, 7 days per week security. The facility will provide a safe and nurturing environment for approximately 77 families when fully operational.

“URM is the largest service provider to the homeless population of Los Angeles County,” said Kevin Dretzka, director, URM. “During a typical day, URM provides a temporary home, counseling, and assistance for 1,200 residents in its skid row facility [545. S. San Pedro St.] and in its second facility, Hope Gardens Family Center in Sylmar.

Hope Gardens, which is dedicated to mothers with children, has a capacity of 225 residents and has successfully operated for 11 years. Throughout its 126-year history, URM’s primary goal has been stabilization and transformation of its residents so that they can return to society as soon as possible to lead independent and satisfying lives,” Dretzka, added.

Residents wishing to provide input into the URM project, should call George Gibson at (213) 798-1409 or Rosie Perez at (213) 673-4593.

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  • Denise Neal July 11, 2018

    What is the status of this project and the land in question NOW

  • Floyd Smith November 10, 2017

    Midland. Park Water Trust have put the City of Compton Mayor and City of Compton City Councilperson on Notice that this matter has been forward to Governor Edmund G. Brown also if LA Union want to violated there (501c ) eligibility under Land Fraud we welcome that.

    • Floyd Smith November 11, 2017

      The Smith’s Family have land title and Reconvey to the 1005 thur 1035 E.Rosecrans and also have the Grant to SCE on that Property so come with your land Fraud Executive Agreement you have with the City of Compton we can amend the investigation with the State of California Department of Justice that is under investigation

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