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Uncharted: Isaac Galvan’s tale of trickery and deceit

Isaac Galvan’s campaign endorsement website featured a photo suggesting some city officials endorsed his senate run.

Lying about numerous political endorsements in a fishbowl is no little mistake; it is downright deception

Compton City Councilman Isaac Galvan’s campaign endorsement website, as of the morning of Nov. 30, featured a screenshot bearing a photo of Mayor Aja Brown, fellow councilmembers Janna Zurita, Yvette Arceneaux, and Emma Sharif; and Compton Parks and Recreation Director Marvin Hunt. The photo was of a check presentation for a Compton program funded by the City.

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“Uncharted” is commentary by Jarrette D. Fellows, Jr.

Galvan used the picture for another purpose — a sly, slick purpose to imply that the persons accompanying him in the screenshot endorsed his candidacy for the 35th District Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Isadore Hall, who is running for congress. An inscription on the screenshot reads, “The Right Candidate.” A caption beneath the photo (which has since been removed) read, “The endorsement list is being updated. Please come back soon,” followed by (in parenthesis) — “In no particular order. Partial list. Titles and affiliation for identification purposes only.”

That implied the individuals all endorsed Galvan. Nothing had to explicitly state that the individuals endorsed Galvan — just the implication to fool voters.

Not one individual gave Galvan their endorsement, however.

Councilwoman Janna Zurita, who was initially listed as a supporter in Galvan’s website, told a local daily newspaper, “I definitely did not endorse Isaac Galvan,” She said her colleague did not return a call or a text message she sent to him, but that her name was eventually taken off the site.

Zurita also was quoted, “I was very upset about that, it creates a problem. This is serious. Politics is all about relationships, and if you don’t keep good relations with others in the field you can’t maneuver.”

To make matters worse, Galvan also listed Carson City Councilman Jawane Hilton, and Hawthorne City Councilman Alex Vargas as endorsers — which they were not. They already had pledged their support to former Assemblyman Steven Bradford, D-Gardena.

Hilton was quoted in the daily newspaper — “Someone had called me and said ‘Hey, I thought you were with Steve,’ and I was like, ‘Well I am.'”

The newspaper reported that Hilton said he texted Galvan and asked to be removed, adding that the candidate did not offer an explanation for the error.

“We are friends; sometimes you do things and don’t ask your friends. Sometimes you automatically think your friends are with you,” Hilton was quoted in the newspaper.

Vargas endorsed Bradford a year ago.

“It is just a big mess,” he told the newspaper. “Hopefully, [Galvan] will take me off soon.”

Galvan’s deceptive foolery amounts to a political lie, false liberty, and a prevarication that says this candidate is bound by a Code of Shadiness, illustrative of a clear tendency to operate in a smoky haze under a Big Tent bearing his true likeness and character — a grinning charlatan abusing the public trust.

Galvan has stirred a dust cloud of deception and confusion. Not a good strategy, considering who is, in reality, the “author of confusion” — Beelzebub — the father of lies.

Isaac Galvan, the first Latino elected to Compton’s City Council, is reeling out of control in his race for the state Senate. In track & field, he’s committed a “false start,” in which the runner is automatically disqualified.

Should the false start rule be implemented here? After all, Galvan has had more than one false start. He has been in trouble more than once in a “still green” political career. Within a week of his taking office after a triumphant victory in 2013 at just age 26, then City Manager G. Harold Duffey fired Galvan’s community liaison after a local daily newspaper divulged the aide’s criminal history.

Galvan also failed to file required campaign finance disclosures for the primary and runoff elections until after state officials turned up the heat on him.

Galvan has not responded to calls from the Compton Herald, doing what he seems to do best — hide in the shadows when the truth comes calling — a sign of political immaturity.

Is this the kind of politician the 35th Senatorial District wants as its representative?

Is this the kind of politician the electorate can trust?

Is this the kind of man that displays a sense of ethics and moral character?

Is this the quality of candidate the Herald seeks to support?

Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.

  • Baboon Esquire July 4, 2016

    What people need to know is that Issac Glavan was created by his mentor Angel Gonzalez. Issac’s so-called “printing brokerage” is actually Gonzalez infamous Pyramid Press where Galvan has worked for years. If you want to know “who” Issac is you need to know who “Gonzalez” is. Gonzalez is the most vicious of all known political printers. He’s the worst of the worst, the meanest of the meanest.

    Gonzalez was convicted for distributed political hit-pieces back in the Big Albert Robles days in South Gate and was the printer who distributed the hit-pieces Lit’ Albert Robles was charged by the District Attorney during a Pico Rivera for a Pico Water Board race.

    Gonzlaez is a printer who can make or break a candidate. He’ll do anything to get his candidates elected and will also do anything to destroy a person. His circle of friends include recalled former Lynwood Mayor Leticica Vaquez, WRD Board Member & Maywood Councilman Sergio Calderon and Carson Mayor and WRD Board Member Albert Robles, just to name but a few.

    So if anyone wants to know how an absolute nobody like Issac Galvan could get elected to ANY City Council, thank Angel Gonzalez. He invested heavily in Galvan and as usual, his mail was brilliant and as deceptive as hell. That’s how you get elected these days. Heck, Issac wasn’t even living in Compton even a day before he won his council seat. He was living in Commerce where he still lives for those who really know this guy. Google “Rick Mayer -South Gate” and you’ll see another one of Angel Gonzalez’ candidates who didn’t live in the city he was running.

    After being recalled in Lynwood, Gonzalez ran Leticia Vasquez for Central Basin Water even though Vasquez lives near Culver City with her husband Ron Smith, not in Lynwood where she represents. It’s an easy trick Gonzalez pulls over and over again. Look at Albert Robles, he doesn’t live in Carson where he serves as Mayor or in the District he represents for the WRD, Robles lives by USC near Exposition Park.

  • marina macias July 3, 2016

    Issacc Galvan has never been a Youth Pastor or Youth Leader of any type or kind for any ministry within Victory Outreach or any other ministry just another one of his lies. Issacc was basically raised by the Victory Outreach Boyle Heights Men’s Home from his you g teen years to at least the age of 18 for reasons related to an unstable home life. There is much more hidden and lied about by Issacc as related to his life, political career and business.

  • Isaac Hunter November 30, 2015

    Very interesting. Many thanks for bringing to light these very questionable moves by Isaac Galvan. I’ll spread the word about him.

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