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Turmeric yields extraordinary health benefits

Turmeric is beneficial for digestive health, brain health, cancer prevention and also has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties

Turmeric, known as neuro-protective, works to protect the brain, improve memory and cognitive function

Turmeric is often thought of the ingredient that makes curry yellow. Most people don’t give it much thought but enjoy a good curry dish every once in a while. What is great to know is that this spice isn’t just delicious and great in curry but it has quite a few extraordinary health benefits that are tough to pass up. You’ll want to start incorporating this dish into your diet more often after reading this.

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Interestingly enough turmeric is used in most Indian meals and India has some of the lowest rates of colon, prostate, lung and breast cancer. Turmeric must play a role in this considering it’s beneficial anti-cancer properties and seeing that this is so common in India, it only makes sense.

One of the main reasons turmeric is so beneficial medicinally speaking is the active compound in turmeric, known as curcumin has so many beneficial properties for health and vitality. Curcumin is anti-inflammatory, this helps reduce inflammation in the body, one of the key causes of disease and pain. Curcumin is also a strong antioxidant that fights free radicals, rejuvenate the health of cells, protect and keep the heart healthy, cleanse the liver and so much more, including supporting brain health and function.

Interestingly enough turmeric is great for brain health and function as well. The spice boosts neuotransmitters norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin which help keep your brain balanced and feeling happy.

Turmeric is what’s known as neuro-protective, which means it works to protect the brain as well as improve memory and cognitive function. It’s also great for digestive health, skin health, and so much more.

Tumeric has its own set of mystical properties too. Many say that turmeric was the “gold” given to Jesus at birth. Turmeric is a golden spice that was and is used in many rites, rituals and spiritual ceremonies. It represents health, prosperity, fertility and spiritual purity.

Not only is turmeric beneficial for digestive health, brain health, cancer prevention and so much more but it also has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This benefits your immunity, disease prevention capabilities and the resilience of your body and health to prevent multiple health conditions and diseases.

According to greenmedinfo.com, the spice compares to the effects of the following medications:

  • Lipitor (for cholesterol)
  • Corticosteroids (for an inflammatory eye disease)
  • Prozac (antidepressant)
  • Aspirin (blood thinner)
  • Anti-Inflammatory drugs such as aspirin ibuprofen, silundac, phenylbutazone, naproxen and others.
  • Oxaliplatin (chemotherapy drug)
  • Metformin (diabetes drug)

Some of the health benefits of using turmeric:

  • Tumeric is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent great for cuts and burns, or any skin condition to be applied topically.
  • When turmeric is cooked with cauliflower they work together as a preventive against prostrate cancer.
  • Adding turmeric to food helps in preventing breast cancer.
  • Tumeric reduces the risks of childhood leukemia.
  • Tumeric has proprieties that can prevent melanoma and can kill existing melanoma cells to die.
  • Tumeric prevents and slow the progression of Alzheimer diseases by removing amyloyd plaque build-up in the brain as well as having many other brain and cognitive related benefits.
  • Tumeric helps to detoxify the liver effectively.
  • Tumeric slows the progression of multiple sclerosis in mice.
  • Tumeric helps in regulating the metabolism and reducing unhealthy fat.
  • Tumeric has anti-inflammatory properties useful in treating arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and any other pain caused by inflammation for that matter.

Guidelines for using turmeric effectively

1. Always use organic turmeric. You’ll get the most therapeutic and medicinal value this way.

2. Turmeric’s main therapeutic compounds are fat soluble meaning that you need a fat carrier to help deliver these to the cells. Coconut oil works as a great carrier, ghee, olive or hemp oil work great also. If cooking use one of these oils to help your body absorb and use the therapeutic compounds more effectively.

3. Add black pepper! Black pepper and ginger both when combined with turmeric have a multiplying effect that helps to unleash the medicinal value of turmeric many times over. When cooking with a carrier oil you can use ginger and black pepper additionally to extract even more of turmeric’s benefits.

4. Avoid the turmeric (curcumin) pills. These can be beneficial but not nearly as beneficial as the entire spice which contains the profile of all of turmeric and not just curcumin. You can also make a turmeric paste (recipe found here) for best effectiveness and value.

Turmeric has 5,600 peer reviewed and published biomedical studies. It has a 5-year long research project that has over 600 preventative and therapeutic applications as well as producing 175 distinct beneficial physiological effects.

With this long list of health benefits, the drugs tumeric can replace and the peer-reviewed research showing that tumeric has many beneficial compounds and beneficial effects, there’s no reason not to include this in your diet daily if you can!

You can get regular organic turmeric spice, then begin cooking with it more. Or, you can get an organic turmeric extract in a liquid supplement form for daily use if you can’t cook daily with it for its pure therapeutic potential. Both are effective, beneficial and will benefit your health and prevent disease long term!

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David Benjamin is a health, fitness & green living advocate for Healthy, Wild and Free and a regular contributor to the Compton Herald.


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