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A few thoughts on being grateful

BLESSED: Birds flying by and the fruit hanging from the trees.

Denise Shaw (left) seen here with Rep. Maxine Waters at the 13th Annual Girlfriends Luncheon, Sunday, July 21, 2019, at the JW Marriott Hotel, 900 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles. Girlfriends is a women’s empowerment network. Courtesy Denise Shaw.

So grateful: ‘I’ll take that window seat’


Today I can look out my window and see all that the good Lord has blessed my family with. I am grateful when I see birds flying by, and fruit hanging from the trees, I say to myself, “Lord you’ve been so good to me.”

The flowers are blooming and my lawn is neatly manicured. All the things I see are in perfect order.

Lord I believe I’ll just take some time today to praise you and admire the works of your hands.

I was given pause to think about King David and how he exclaimed, “Oh Lord what is man that thou art mindful of him that you made him a little lower than the angels and crowned him with glory and honor?”

The Bible tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

While scientists attempt to figure out the many mysteries of the human body, there are many that remain unknown. Our knowledge of God’s creation is limited to our chronological history of the Earth and man.

I would be remiss if I did not submit to you that we serve an eternal God. Who always was and who exists outside of time as we know it as human beings.

The Creation of time was for man to divide the night from the days and to count the days of men. Everything in nature has a vibration and a rhythm that is Holy and unique unto to it for God has made it so.

If we would view God’s creation with reverence, it would leave us humbled, full of wonder and hope. When I think of the possibilities of Heaven, my heart leaps and my sanctified imagination goes into overdrive.

The Bible gives us glimpses of the New Jerusalem and the scriptures also tells us “Eyes have a not seen and ears have not heard nor has it entered into the hearts of men what God has prepared for those that love him and are waiting for his appearance.”

Take a moment to breathe and be grateful, God is Faithful and He cannot fail. I love you and God loves you more.

Denise Shaw grew up and attended school in Los Angeles. She and her husband are retired in Southern California.




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