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Soulvine: foster care social workers

Columnist Betty Pleasant on foster care social workers and their role in Black families

Judge blames social workers in the foster care system for ‘tearing up Black families’

STOP THIS NOW! — Last week when we discussed the cause of the exploding youth-generated violence in the Black community, the consensus was that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services is entirely the blame. We learned last week there are more than 10,000 children in South L.A. who have been removed from their birth parents and their blood relatives and placed in foster homes among people who don’t know them, don’t love them and don’t care enough about them to instill within them the basic tenets of good and evil.

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“Soulvine” is commentary by Betty Pleasant. The views expressed are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.

We went away last week with the conclusion that the county’s Foster Child Program is merely a cash cow for foster parents that is designed to fail and whose end result is the creation of 10,000 youth packing guns roaming the neighborhoods and indiscriminately killing people almost every day.

Creating young Black murderers

I talked to a judge this week and he told me: “No. It’s not the system; the system is designed to work. It’s the social workers in the system. They are the ones who are tearing up Black families and creating young Black murderers.” I asked why social workers would do that. His answer: “Because they’re stupid, don’t give a damn and are nothing but pieces of (expletive deleted!)” He’s right and I’m going to show you why.

Immediately following last week’s Soulvine, Mrs. Iona Diggs, a prominent member of the Black community who has been a volunteer with the LAPD and the Sheriff’s Department for 28 years, contacted me and asked me to help her keep her family intact, as she believed no one could help her but me (yeah, right!).

Well, sit down and let’s get started

Mrs. Diggs has a grandson named Keith Kerr II, who is 6 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs 300 lbs. Kerr was in an abusive 10-year relationship with Tezrah Dyson and begat two sons who are now ages 8 and 10 years old. After 10 years of abuse, the babies’ daddy moved out of Dyson’s house and into a home with a new girlfriend, who tolerated him for only one year. After the new girlfriend dumped him, Kerr turned his attention back on Dyson, demanding that she take him back. “He made verbal threats and tried to beat me up in public,” Dyson said. “He even went so far as to come to my workplace and choke me in front of my coworkers,” she continued.

A restraining order was filed immediately against Kerr and he is currently in prison for domestic violence, from which he has been calling county social workers and filing false accusations against Dyson and his grandmother, Diggs, ever since. I believe Dyson’s current social worker has the hots for the convict Kerr. She takes as gospel every accusation the convict makes against his babies’ mama and his grandmother, she has visited him in prison more than once and each time she does, she returns to her desk and adds more bogus charges against the two women.

Social worker has the hots for the convict?

The social worker communicates frequently with the convict and is said to be spending more time with him than with Dyson. No one except the convict Kerr has accused the women of having done anything wrong or illegal and yet the Los Angeles County Department of Family and Children’s Services is taking this family through hell.

The county’s social worker takes as gospel every word that comes out of the convict’s mouth and refuses to listen to anything anyone else has to say. This family is caught in a taxpayer-funded hell and their children are being held hostage. And that’s only one family! I can see this happening all over the Black community.

The mother has a physical condition that makes her eligible for medical marijuana to resolve her sleeplessness problem. Kerr told her social worker that Dyson is a crackhead. And, as is her wont, Dyson’s social worker jumped all over that, declaring, “sure she is!”

The social worker took Dyson’s official medical marijuana card and did not submit it to the court, but instead ordered her into a drug rehab program! A judge told me people on medical marijuana are not required to go into drug rehab — they’re just expected to get well, like all people who are taking medicine. “Forcing this woman into rehab is illegal,” the judge said, as he added: “This is the social worker from hell.”

The social worker from hell

The obviously love-struck social worker has also forced the mother into “parenting classes” and keeps pressing her to drop the restraining order against the convict daddy! All of this under threat of removing her sons from their mother and great-grandmother, who are loving and nurturing as are most natural-born mothers.

I talked to another high ranking member of the county’s judicial system who told me; “This social worker is out of her mind. There is no way in hell a judge would remove two children from two loving mothers and give them to a convict who is obviously a bad person, has no money and no prospects for earning any. His own grandmother repudiates him, for Christ’s sakes!

“You see, it’s social workers like this one that caused that man to kill his three sons the other day. They do not have the slightest idea of what they’re doing, and that makes them dangerous for the people,” the judicial official said.

I called the social worker on this case twice and ended up leaving two messages in which I identified myself and told her I planned to write about her mishandling Dyson’s case and if she had anything she wanted to say, she could call me. She didn’t call and I didn’t expect her to. And I don’t care.

Both Dyson and Diggs said they asked the social worker why she sided with the convict all the time. She told them, “because criminals have rights, too.”

Can you believe that?! What I can’t believe is that I’m paying this thing’s (for use of a less offensive word) salary!

The judicial person did suggest that the mother and grandmother seek help from the Legal Aid Society with this issue since their social worker is obviously out to get them and they cannot afford a private attorney to fight her. I was also told that if they are unable to qualify for Legal Aid services, a search for some pro bono assistance can be launched.

I deliberately failed to mention this crazy social worker by name. But if you want her name and telephone number, call me and I’ll give it to you because as you know, l believe in social action harassment.

And thank you all for the many happy birthday wishes you sent me, Oct. 13. I appreciate them.

Betty Pleasant is a contributing writer and columnist for the Compton Herald. She was formerly a reporter at the Los Angeles Sentinel and a columnist at the Los Angeles Wave.


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