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The Smart Card: Innovation that will change history 

The Smart Card is expected to launch publicly in late 2017

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The Smart Card. Photo: YouTube/Fulltimevacationer
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Many of us are Smartphone users. Would you ever go back to using a flip phone?

What if you could be at the right place, at the right time and you were able to take advantage of a new idea that is expected to be the most groundbreaking technology since the Smart Phone? What if you had the inside scoop on this new cutting-edge technology that was about to change the industry as a whole before it launches to the public?

Well, the moment is now: Introducing the world’s first fully functioning smart card. It looks like a credit card but actually is a computer. Talk about a Bluetooth credit card! This has people scrambling to get their own card. Three micro processors are embedded within the smart card making it the most advanced biometric security in the world, providing ultra convenience and unprecedented security. Simple. Easy. Durable.

What’s even cooler about the smart card is anything with a magnetic strip can be loaded on the smart card — credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, hotel keys, and you can pay for anything, anywhere with any of your payment methods. It is believed that in the next 24 months most of the world will move to this form of technology just as the Smartphone caused traditional mobile phones to become obsolete. This ground-breaking smart card technology will cause traditional debit and credit cards to be a thing of the past.

Simple, Easy, Hassle free

You only have to carry one card. No more bulky wallets; no more compromising data using your card. It’s absolutely secure on multiple levels that leave you always feeling safe and protected. If you ever lose your card, you are able to have your info erased remotely from an app on your phone. Simple. Easy. Hassle free.

What sets this digital smart card apart from all others is that it is part of a fully-functional ecosystem. A system that not only allows its users and members to experience convenience and security, but also to earn cash back and points while dining, shopping, and even earning vacations through everyday activities, entertainment venues, day spas, salons, and more.

As part of its evolving ecosystem and being the fastest-growing dining and entertainment network in the world, card holders and members can experience VIP-curated services.

Expected to quickly go viral

One of the card’s most attractive features is, it has a blinking light! A blinking light! Yes, a blinking light that indicates the card is ready for payment. This light is a magnet for curiosity. I use my card daily. What do you think happens when someone sees this card? They, of course, want one. The card is expected to launch publicly in late 2017 and once it does it will go viral.

Only members who are part of the company’s club, its ecosystem are able to gain access prior to the launch and be part of the selected people to partake in this innovation towards changing history. Get your card today!

For more information: Firestarternation.com

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