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Scary Scenario: Finger on a cocked trigger

"We can ill-afford having a petulant, delusional POTUS with juvenile geopolitical understanding ordering military strikes

Compton Herald | Nevada Test Site

Americans don’t know how close we are to another war; Trump is the last person that should have his finger on the trigger

To hear White House spokesman Sean Spicer say America “is ready for World War III” is as asinine as saying, “America can win a nuclear exchange.” He’s smoking something, which has given him strong delusion.

An all-out nuclear exchange between nuclear-armed nations like the U.S., Russia, China, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel, with Iran knocking at the door, would quite simply be a global conflagration — the whole world aflame!

Compton Herald | North Korea

USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70), JS Sazanami (DD 113), JS Samidare (DD 106), and USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108) steam in formation during training in the East China Sea, March 9. Photo: U.S. Navy/MC2 Sean M. Castellano

If you survive the horrific blasts, there will be no safe place on Earth after the nuclear exchanges. The radioactive fallout would be the world over. There won’t be a just a couple of atomic detonations this time, like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that ended WWII, but thousands of detonations in a suicidal slugfest. The weapons today are imminently more powerful, more than 10,000 times the destructive capability than what was unleashed on Japan.

This is why nuclear war is premised on the M.A.D. theory — Mutual Assured Destruction, and why we can ill-afford having a petulant, delusional POTUS with juvenile geopolitical understanding ordering military strikes in Syria, and sending U.S. military might like aircraft carrier battle flotillas into increasingly tense regions of the globe such as the Korean Peninsula.

President Trump is alarmingly dangerous in these scenarios as commander-in-chief because of his temperament and ease to which he is provoked. Dispatching a profoundly powerful U.S. Naval battle group to intimidate a madman like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un — who already has a short fuse, is no video game. This is the real deal and can easily escalate.

Scary Scenario: DT45’s finger on a cocked trigger.

I am not alright with it. What are your thoughts?

Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.


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