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New ‘Rise Up as One’ video preludes Women’s March

'You get a wave when one person rises up like a sun, but you get movement when the brave rise up as one'

National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman performs ‘Rise Up as One’ poem. Video: YouTube/HealthHappensHere

L.A. teens hope their newly released short film ‘Rise Up as One’ demonstrates passion for activism among teens, young adults

A video titled “Rise Up as One,” released recently on various social media advocate channels throughout California, was directed and edited by filmmaker Gabrielle Gorman. The short film features a powerful poem written and performed by her sister, Amanda Gorman, who was recently featured in the NYTimes “How Amanda Gorman Became the Nation’s First Youth Poet Laureate”.

The activist teens and twin sisters are from Los Angeles, CA.

Inspired by the statewide “Rise Up As One” movement, which has emerged out of California’s diverse communities and continues to gain steam throughout the state and beyond, the sisters lent their talents and voices to the efforts with the creation and release of “Rise Up as One.”

“In this political climate, it’s far too easy to become divided and polarized. I wanted to be part of something, especially dedicated to my home state of California, that spoke about what unites us,” Amanda tells bustle.com. “What binds us together that is strong enough to make us rise up, to speak up? Questions like that always drive my poetry.”

Released days after Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and before the Women’s March — the “Rise Up As One” video celebrates and lifts up these powerful messages of equality. “You get a wave when one person rises up like a sun, but you get movement when the brave rise up as one.”

While the “Rise Up As One” message of solidarity has experienced pushback in some areas of California, it is California’s young people who are leading the way towards a more inclusive future. The “Rise Up As One” poem and video addresses many of the hurdles our nation is currently facing and is a powerful example of how, despite pushback, youth voices are determined to be heard and aim to lead by example – through creative and thought-provoking endeavors.

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