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New Liberty Utilities well improves Compton groundwater supply

The new well will reduce dependency on purchased water

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Frank Heldman (left), director of Operations for Liberty Utilities participates in a ribbon-cutting ceremony with District 1 Councilperson Janna Zurita, inaugurating a new Compton groundwater well. Photo: Liberty Utilities

Compton groundwater station’s output, appearance improved

COMPTON – Liberty Utilities Corp hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony in council district one to inaugurate activation of a new Compton groundwater well.

The new well is expected to produce as much as 2,500 gallons of water per minute and increase water supply reliability. The new well will also reduce dependency on purchased water, which is more costly for residents. Groundwater is controlled locally, thereby limiting the amount of involvement by outside agencies, making groundwater a preferred source.

Liberty Utilities also improved the curb appeal of the Compton groundwater station by matching the surrounding community through the use of landscaping with low-water-use plants and installing gravel to eliminate weeds.

“We are excited to start the New Year with the completion of this project, which echoes our commitment to upgrading our infrastructure to ensure the continued delivery of safe and reliable drinking water to our customers,” said Frank Heldman, director of Operations for Liberty Utilities.

Liberty Utilities Co. owns and operates regulated water, wastewater, natural gas and electric transmission and distribution utilities in 12 states, delivering responsive and reliable essential services to over 750,000 customers across the United States.

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