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Seduction: Men must be more discerning about women

Men, be very discerning and prayerful about the women you pick up, bed and/or decide to marry.

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Increasing numbers of unwary men are falling captive to an old game: Seduction of the male species


Compton Herald | Phelencia White

Phelencia White. Courtesy Phelencia White

Men, be very discerning and prayerful about the women you pick up, bed and/or decide to marry.

Real story. A young man decided to let go of a girl he picked up and more than likely took to bed. He let her go. All of a sudden phones are ringing all around him, but whenever he or anyone answers, no one says anything. Then he turns off his cell phone, [after which] the cell phone number with his name appears on a landline and this goes on for more than an hour.

Women, especially primadonnas who already are undercover-crazy — add to this educated by reality television with sister friends who use their technology, education, and credentials for malicious purposes — are dangerous, evil, and ignorant.

While it is understood that the ratio of women to men is high, men should be very, very careful because many of the women of this day have been indoctrinated with the mindset to control whatever they claim belongs to them.

“He that findeth” has been translated to mean, “I own him.” No marriage license required.

Many men have been reduced to another asset on their inventory … wholly unaware they have been bought and paid for until they try to escape. If you are in a try and might by state of mind, keep your social security numbers, date of birth — all personal information to yourself.

That old “if you love me, you’ll let me” foolishness is for the birds.

It is sad to feel a need to say these things, but watching men have their cell phones transferred to Google numbers, Face Book hacks, conversations converted to text messages … that is some sick, immature street foolishness that no woman with even $5 worth of class would ever bother to do.

Phelencia White is the founder, creative visionary and Spiritual director at Girlfriends In Christ International, Inc.

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