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Mayor Aja Brown should be ashamed!

Mayor Aja Brown assails council peers they should be ashamed for not ‘welcoming resource millions back to Compton’ By CYNTHIA MACON and GILDA BLUEFORD If you have not heard, Compton tennis legends Venus and Serena Williams would like

Mayor Aja Brown assails council peers they should be ashamed for not ‘welcoming resource millions back to Compton’


If you have not heard, Compton tennis legends Venus and Serena Williams would like to give back to the City of Compton by establishing a trauma center to help with adults and youth that are victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) primarily due to the after effects of violence and drugs.

The resource center would be named after their sister Yetunde Price, who was a victim of gun violence here in Compton. To promote acceptance of their proposal, Mayor Aja Brown commented that “anyone  on this council who has any questions or reservations as to whether or not they want to move forward with welcoming millions of dollars [in] resources back to the City of Compton should be ashamed.”

Well, Mayor Aja Brown, you too, first and foremost, should be ashamed.

How can you look the Williams sisters or the Compton public in the face as a supposedly responsible and moral leader of this city while fervently promoting outsiders to bring the marijuana industry into the likes of Compton? Have you not heard Compton Sheriff Capt. Thatcher’s report?

Based on Colorado’s experience with legalization, Compton could expect a rise in murders, a 40 percent overall surge in all crimes, increased drug addiction and drug possession among our youth, escalating drug-related car accidents, territorial violence among gangs and syndicates, higher rents and leases. topped off by a 60 percent jump in EMS calls?

Have you not heard your elders and people who live in Compton speak of the dark days when violence and drugs ruled the city?  Do you not know of the herculean effort and years it took for former Mayors Omar Bradley and Eric Perrodin, citizens, and unsung heroes like Vicky Lindsay of Project Cry No More, and Royce Esters of  the National Assn. of Equal Justice in America, and the former Compton Crime Commission to hit the pavement in harm’s way to fight back? And finally, you must be aware of your administration’s failure to halt crime and gangs resulting in a reversal and escalation in murders, violence, unsolved cases, not to mention a proliferation of illegal medical dispensaries in this city under your watch.

How can someone look at the violence that took the lives of Venus and Serena Williams’ sister, and your grandmother as you stated, then come up with the analysis that what Compton really needs is more drugs and violence? Colorado taught law enforcement that those selling drugs on the street will not go away even when legalized, and the City of Long Beach actually had a one-year Marijuana Task Force that  found the cost of regulation is higher than any anticipated tax revenue.

So why are you, Mayor Brown, fighting the people of Compton who want a complete ban to protect the community and to avoid more victims of violence?  Why are you, instead, meeting with people who do not live in Compton—coming from as far as Europe and the Orient, selling them on Compton being the right place to bring their drug business? Which god do you serve?

Do you not realize if the cannabis industry is allowed into Compton, residents you profess to love and respect will pay incrementally with their lives, or as victims of violence and drug – addiction? Children, teens, and adults will be then the survivors limping into the Yetunde Price Resource Center? Why are you not then leading the city away from addiction, violence, and death and by instituting a complete ban on the marijuana industry in this city, instead of running behind the almighty dollar?

Why would you not opt to do something that protects the future Yetunde  Price’s of the world, instead of increasing their chances to encounter violence and years of trauma on their families and friends living with their demise or affliction? Didn’t you run for office on a platform of being against marijuana because in your words:  “I am for the kids.” You need to realize all money is not good money and your utter hypocrisy is showing. Instead of pointing fingers at others, telling them they should be ashamed, you need to “Worry about yourself.”

And as for the marijuana survey, I hope the council persons have the fortitude to vote down the mayor’s latest deceitful maneuver to circumvent the public will and manufacture the results she desires (Item #8 on the Oct. 25 agenda).

According to Dr. David Gonzales, a doctor of public administration affiliated with a respected university who was tuned to the council meeting when the survey was being proposed and discussed, the suggestions being made from the dais were scientifically unsound. Compton is many things, but an overnight survey-taker is not one of them.

Gonzales pointed out a sample size of 300 is entirely too small for a population nearing 100,000. He opined that survey questions cannot just be written down by an unskilled questionnaire writer, in this case, City Attorney Craig Cornwell, as there is a methodology and phrasing to remove bias that must be adhered. Gonzales observed an on-line survey can only be valid with demonstrated evidence of the saturation point of computers in a household. Even the concept of taking a survey may not be the best method of ascertaining the answer to the posed questions when other options such as a roundtable or election vote may be more accurate.

And by sending only one survey to a home, there is no guarantee whose opinion  — head of household or anyone picking up or copying the survey — will be reflected. The survey, if not legitimately executed, can have no validity, Gonzales noted. Further, there has been zero education on the impact of the cannabis or marijuana industry on a community, and no pre-survey to ascertain the knowledge level of the survey-taker.

The aforementioned is based on Gonzales area of expertise — democratic legitimacy, democratic anchorage, and complexity/chaos theory. Democratic anchorage is the concept that “policy, ideas, decisions, even action must be democratically anchored in order to maintain integrity.” On this point alone, the survey completely fails as no one is trusting of those suggesting, writing, processing, or counting the surveys. The survey is unscientific.

Much thanks to Venus and Serena Williams, Daughters of Compton, for reaching back to the citizens of Compton who share a common journey—truly having lived the Compton experience. And to anyone who is “traumatized” by the mayor using and then discarding them, realize that her trail of victims is getting longer, extending from City Hall, over the tracks, beyond the canals, around the bend, and out of the city.

For being cast aside after being used by the mayor, you truly have paid the price for enlightenment, and it appears, you will be in very excellent company.

Cynthia Macon and Guilda Blueford are self-avowed Daughters of Compton.

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  • Michael Hill October 28, 2016

    Add to this, Compton lost it’s law enforcing entity when the Compton PD was disbanded so quickly without thought for future law enforcement ramifications. Even Mayor Perrodin attempted to bring it before voters and they decided to stay with the LACSD instead. Not even considering that we have CMC’s that are not often enforceable now that we lost a trained police force. Gardena still has theirs, Torrance and Hawthorne, among others. Enforcement of municipal codes requires, yes, that you have a group of well trained professionals to carry it out efficiently. So in retrospect, we did it to ourselves on a fluky argument of saving tax dollars and it seems to have gotten more expensive over the many years now. So here we are and the city attorney’s office speaks accurately. This for all of the haters who don’t comprehend the complexities of having local government in a city our size. He laid the cards on the table and that’s the answer we’ve been waiting for. Clarification of the situation. So what to do now? I have no clue. Compton had canine trained units, motorcycle officers, air support and it was just thrown away like trash. So I just wanted to add that key fact to this story. If the CM does give Code Enforcement the police powers and training and resources to do the job, then it’ll probably be far more effective. Seems some in this city don’t have sufficient respect for what LEO’s do daily and have to deal with. So the next time someone breaks into your house, don’t call the police, why not call your neighbor instead. Such dummies here. .Shortsighted at nearly every turn. That’s got to change someday. Small minds, small things. I have hope, but at times, when I look around, I have to wonder if I’m just being the optimist. And the Mayor’s flip flop on such an issue…still don’t quite know what to make of it all. Revenue is one thing, but not all money is necessarily good money. Mama’s used to say that to children, and you know, they are right on. — Sed E. Nuff

  • Susan Adams October 28, 2016

    According to a study by Harvard University, John Hopkins University, and the University of Colorado, the city of Denver in Colorado, for instance, has seen an 11%–per year–increase in crime since legalization. These statistics can be found in the NIBRS, National Incident-Based Reporting System.

  • Centerprise@gmail.com October 27, 2016

    This article is ridiculous! Marijuana is not and will never be the drug that causes a rise in violence! I can say so much more but I’ll leave you to think about how naive your points sound?

  • Artra L Wynn October 25, 2016


  • Mike Chattom October 25, 2016

    Well. I would suggest you to consult the 2 highest decision making person in The city of Compton. And that according to the Charter is Craig Cornwell. Now, as of last night, we learned from a block club meeting, why the enforcement end of the marijuana distillery and cultivation side of action has a problem. The city attorney Cornwell budget does not adequately has funding for enforcement. When Cornwell talked on last night, he stated that his idea of enforcement would be halted by an assorted amount of problems. One is the evidence gathering. Second is enforcement and fact finding and workable hours and code enforcement working without guns. THISISABIGONE!!. How can you assert enforcement without competent law perrsonnel. And trained as well fully armed code enforcement would keep the suppression of every weed shop from spotting up in the near future. Also, the cry manager is an key person too. The CM has the overall responsibility of fully vesting the weaponery rights back to Code Enforcement. We need to have a full disclosure on how each dept. In the city of Compton functions and ultimate has responsibility too. And also who is the decision maker of certain actions that they make.

    Mike Chattom
    The Community Legal Research Center

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