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Love and marriage: Commitment to a union of two

"Romance’s fire keeps love alive because it is unquenchable when the flames are stoked"

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Love makes a man gentle; not just for a Valentine’s moment, but marriage and relationships 365 days a year

With the institution of marriage perpetually on the rocks fueled by the example of Hollywood and debase living, the following welled up in this writer as encouragement to those undeterred by the erosion all around them, determined in their commitment to a union of two.

I penned this, initially for my wife as an extended Valentine’s Day greeting. Then I realized it has the power to rekindle the dying flames in marriages everywhere. Why do we habitually wait for Feb. 14, I thought, to speak about the passion that makes the world go ‘round? It should be perpetual.

Wisdom for men

If the ultimate commitment is to matrimony, love is the magic kindling needed for the man to stoke the flames to fiery romance for the woman who longs for more. During a time when marriages dissolve faster than the ink on the marriage certificate can dry, this kindling is for the man to warm the fancy of his significant other and assure her that love can last forever.

Passion is like a simmering sauna gingerly massaging our bond, making it supple, responsive, over flowing with love, caring, and concern. Romance’s fire is not only for new-found love; it provides warm oil to creaky, time-tested marriages, too –– those that have endured through the years confirming that matrimony can be lifelong — for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.

Joy of Romance’s Fire

An old man may not be able to carry his damsel over the threshold anymore, but romance’s fire can restore crackling joy to his soul and loving appreciation to hers.

It can rebuke any frigid encroachment by apathy to chill the love that always burns hot in the beginning. Romance’s fire keeps love alive because it is unquenchable when the flames are stoked.

When the sun shines in a relationship the union is golden. Even so, we are ever perfecting it even though an arctic wind does intrude, at times, chilling our bond making our love shiver.

It only strengthens us because the sunshine always returns, reminding two of a blessed union that is golden. But because I am mortal, please remember this:

If you and I are flowers growing side-by-side, it is not my desire to grow superior and stunt your growth … I do want to share the sun, earth, wind, and rain.

And if my petal should overshadow your petal, nudge me and I will humbly move it away.

But I am a vulnerable flower with mortal frailties and if I should find damage during my growth, fall limp and wither — I ask only this:

That you nurture my roots, soothe my weakened stem, and believe in me that I will regain my strong posture to again reach for the sky. — © 2017 by Jarrette Fellows, Jr., from the forthcoming book, “Kisses Kindling.”

Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.


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