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LOCAL VOICES: Residents assail Compton leadership

  Voices directed at Mayor Aja Brown, City Council convey anger, frustration; cite lack of leadership in Compton, ‘rubber stamp’ governance COMPTON  — Angry residents are sounding off about what they perceive to be a lack of leadership


Voices directed at Mayor Aja Brown, City Council convey anger, frustration; cite lack of leadership in Compton, ‘rubber stamp’ governance

COMPTON  — Angry residents are sounding off about what they perceive to be a lack of leadership by Mayor Aja Brown and the City Council to push the City forward. A barrage of harsh letters was sent to the Compton Herald following the publishment, Friday, of a fiery letter critical of the mayor and (LOCAL VOICES: Mayor Aja Brown is ‘dismissive, condescending,’ July 1, 2016) the direction of the City.

Not one of the letters sent reflected positively on the city’s leadership. Herewith are several of the letters:

Khaleilah Trepagnier: “I will be glad when [Aja Brown] is gone. All she does is do photo ops. The city is in the worse shape it’s ever been in; schools raggedy, streets raggedy, we need someone who truly cares about this city.”

Andre Wright: “And you forgot selling the city to the highest bidders. I always say the tail can’t wag unless the head is right. And city employees are being bashed. I see just as the citizens are. Show your city employees they matter they will prove to you they matter.”

Todd Harris: “I wish their heads would bobble up and down to fixing the streets of Compton!”

Searcy Macon: “Kick [Aja Brown] to the curb! I’ve never seen Compton look this bad. It’s sad how these streets look.”

Jessie Champion-Edwards: “Property taxes are definitely too high to not see improvements in the City.”

Heron Carillo: “This is one of the many reasons of why I am going to run for City Council District 1. We need to change the city from within. We need a new progressive agenda. We need to connect our community and unify it into a big community of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Luz Hernandez: “My head bobbles up and down [every time] I exit the 710 Freeway at Alondra Boulevard, the tracks on Willowbrook, and countless other streets.”

Chris Petit: “Of the council members, we only have one who talks tough. One is absent or comes late [and] whines about rumors. Another has a great mind and heart but can’t always articulate clearly what [she] feels. And the other is silent; never asks questions. This is a recipe for disaster — not one is a maverick, activist or renegade that can clearly articulate and speak their mind and go against the grain. Since when has Compton produced so many ‘yes men and women?’ Aren’t we a little tougher than that?

Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.

  • Distress Compton Resident July 5, 2016

    We paid close to 5 million in salaries to city manager, attorney, city clerk, council members their community liaisons, and department heads. Drive around Compton, hundreds on street lights not working, graffiti every where. Gardena, Paramount Lakewood, Lynwood the city manager seem todo a better job.

    A city is run by the City manager which Compton seem to replace them every year.. 5mil in salaries and I these hacks don’t care. I asked my self do these hacks drive around Compton?

  • Michael Hill July 3, 2016

    Yet, I fear, each council representative will not do an adequate assessment of their district and report issues to the CM or staff for follow up. Nice dream, however. Guess they call it a town hall meeting and I’m usually the last to find out. Maybe I need to plug in a bit more, because you won’t know about some things locally, until they’re over and done. Our city needs to do a better job at public relations for all of it’s residents. An observation I’ve made over time. To think they’re informing and we finding out about things, after the fact, isn’t the way I expected “transparency” to actually work here. But hey, guess I’m just a little stupid and dumb. Yeah, it’s probably just me. And I used to think I was staying in touch with things. Shame on me, for trusting so much. I’m such a dummy with things like this. OK, now to go online and let Edison know about those 3 lights burned out on my block, before criminals get wind and take advantage of these darker than dark streets. Edison told me the present units were junk. True story…though they ( previous administration) must have thought they did a dandy job of upgrades. Never heard of a light meter, that checks the lumen level at night. Five people and seems none of them can be effective in terms of the public trust. A plan of action that makes sense for the long term, not just an elected term…more of than, less of the face before cameras when a tragic event brings the microwave vans in front of city hall. I need to watch a council meeting to find out what’s really going on during those sessions. Another 7-11 coming near the Compton Library is nice, but that’s the interest of Southland Corp, not anything a civic leader fostered. I know this, having been on the planning commission whenever they come seeking a variance from the city. So guess I do know a little something, very little, about how things go, at times. Better lighting fights crime, proven fact. Street signs that are visible as night aid first responders (fire, paramedics, law enforcement and residents, visitors, etc) To see the condition of some parts of the city where I grew up, sometimes makes me angry and at other times, makes me want to weep. Too old to move elsewhere, so I just have to watch, while “Rome” burns. We need more male leadership on city council, as we had in past years, but most of the men are either sick, dead or alcoholics, it seems. Our root is dying, and the new people just seem to love photo-ops with presidential candidates, important leaders in government, while the city looks just as dark, unkempt and dirty as ever. Looks almost the same, in some places, as it did when we shot video of Easy-E and NWA, back in the day. Just the streets are in worse condition due to age. Guy by the name of Eddie Randolph, used to always come to council meetings and always asked the same question, PTSD Vietnam Vet he was. RIP– He’d ask, toward the end of his comment time, “Tell me, where is the money?”, and we’d chuckle, No one’s laughing now. more like tears. And most of us have given up hoping for better days. Property taxes and 1 cent sales tax and all. Poor people, wishing someone would show they really care about all of us. Once we had such hope, but as time passes, any reasonable person, looking around, just has to shake their heads and wonder…when does it get better for the city as a whole. Guess when we all have had enough of promises and decide to be conscientious about those we cast a vote for on election day. Promises and all. If wishes were horses, even the beggar would ride. We need more than wishes, promises or dreams or even…visions. Or we all perish together…while Rome–Compton, just keeps circling the drain pipe. I hope things get better sooner than later, and that the administration takes a more pro-active attempt to inform everyone of progress, if that’s not an unreasonable hope.

  • Barbara July 3, 2016

    I Been a Homeowner for many years! We pay the highest property Tax, Why can’t the city manager and Mayor come up with a solution to have property taxes lower.Also the penny surplus won’t be a big deal if the Mayor and Council Members come up with ideas on Face Uplit of the City. Look over at Carson the city looks great because the Leadership of the City. Look at Gardena the same evertime u look a city around Compton it looks Nice. I thought process of the Mayor and Council every person got there hands in the Cookie Jar. If every Righteous Council person do an analysis of there District and tell it to the Meeting with City Manager,City Attorney and Mayor and share what is needed I’m quite sure the city would start seeing improvement. Until That Hsppen we are next in line like our Neighbors City of Bell.

  • Jose h. July 3, 2016

    We need to get aja out asap.

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