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LOCAL VOICES: Non-responsive governance like a thorn

An archaic style of ineffective, non-responsive governance in Compton like 'a thorn' in homeowner's side By JO MORALES  I have issues with lots of things that happen in Compton, The thorn in my side since 2011 has

An archaic style of ineffective, non-responsive governance in Compton like ‘a thorn’ in homeowner’s side


I have issues with lots of things that happen in Compton, The thorn in my side since 2011 has been this stupid 24/7 parking in Richland Farms and the small area between Oleander Avenue and the Compton Creek. I live on Caldwell Street a half block from Kennedy Elementary School.

Compton’s idea of 24/7 restricted parking is forcing residents to go to City Hall once a year to get parking permits. We’re permitted two per year. To get the permits, we have to show registration and identification. If you are having guests over and need more than two permits, you are supposed to give the city five days advance notice, then go to City Hall to pick up the stupid little paper permits for your guests.

You can only get 4 at a time and can only do this four times a year. So, you may ask what the city and the school district do about pick-up and drop-off of children at Kennedy Elementary? The answer is “not a damn thing,” and there is like traffic mayhem with parked cars on Caldwell as far as the eye can see. This occurs twice every school day. This is not 24/7 restricted parking and I would not in my wildest dreams imagined that the parking-by-permit-only signs meant that it would not apply to the school. It is not in the municipal code, it’s just one of those made up Compton things.

So we just try to avoid going or coming from our house when school pick-ups and drop-offs are happening. This is an example of the hoops the city wants us to jump through. It makes no sense. None! It’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Jo bought a house, but we bend the rules to bend her over. [laughing out loud]. I have heard several tall tales over the years from the school district, but nothing has ever been done. Obviously, given my situation and all the tall tales, I was 110 percent against Measure S.

On the first day of school, I went out and looked at drop-off time. Absolutely nothing has changed. I don’t know why I had a glimmer of hope that matters would be different in 2016. I guess because I thought nobody would have the nerve to raise property taxes and, you know, not handle sh–, like this. LOL.

It hit me like a ton of bricks because with my mother’s failing health, I just haven’t the time or energy to fight something that shouldn’t be happening at all. It was like some dramatic moment for me. I know you are probably laughing and that’s okay. I haven’t had it in me to go look at student pick-up time. I don’t think I can handle that right now. [laughing out loud, again].

I should have just stayed inside and not looked, waited for a day I needed to go somewhere and get pissed, then.

So, this is my story — Compton run by duct tape and “Post It Notes.” WHEE!

Jo Morales is a homeowner in Compton.

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  • Michael Hill August 24, 2016

    Did you really expect anything like smooth, competent function in the city of Compton? Wake up. Things are not as well thought out or resolved amicably as in other cities because the overall leadership and staff are not the same quality as, say, Anaheim or Orange County. Sorry to break it to you. So focused on bigger fish they neglect their own. Welcome to the reality of Compton. Something like RF and an intelligently reasoned compromise or resolution is not in the skill set of the elected, let alone staff, who think they’re doing great by those who sing their praises. If you’re a critic or have an issue, you’re seen as a complainer and will be completely disregarded. How it goes here. Slow to act, slower to resolve and here we all are, living with it all. From streets to lighting to lack of follow through on local needs. Urban planning isn’t anything like what we’re seeing here. Common sense, really. Smoke and mirrors, all the time now. Until the next election cycle, of course. Now you know.

  • Ms Ribbins August 23, 2016

    So the problem is. It the parking restriction it’s we should punish the family and the child for dropping off and picking up? I’m just asking trying to get a clear understanding. I think the problem isn’t the picking up and dropping off its the sitting there way before time and after the child get in the parent sits there. The school shouldn’t have to get permits and if the permits were removed the problem remains the same. Now we as a people know the problem what’s the fix and or solution to this ongoing problem?

  • Tomas Carlos August 23, 2016

    Ms Joe, I concur with your article.
    As you know I too live in Richland Farms, been living in RF for over 25 years.
    As a matter a fact, I joined you and others when we walked RF when the parking permit ordinance was being considered by the City.
    We were giving many reason why this 24/7 parking would be a good idea.
    We fought back and in the end we agreed under certain terms.
    I’ve had this conversation with you before, the only person that can relate to you is one that
    has the same views and ideas as you , someone who sees the same issues as you do.
    24/7 parking good idea, poor execution.
    Mr Joe, I’m not a fan of the phrase “I told you so”, but if I were, this would be a good way to end this post…

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