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LOCAL VOICES: Council, don’t sellout Compton regarding medical marijuana

Given the city’s violent history, the question of medical marijuana dispensaries is sheer lunacy; should be a no-brainer for the City Council  By CYNTHIA MACON and SUSAN ADAMS The City has scheduled a workshop on Sept. 13

Given the city’s violent history, the question of medical marijuana dispensaries is sheer lunacy; should be a no-brainer for the City Council


The City has scheduled a workshop on Sept. 13 to discuss the impact of the November 2016 statewide Marijuana Adult Use Initiative on Compton; in question: hemp dispensaries.

Ah, the Compton City Council and the simple request. It is always the opening prelude to a Compton tragedy and Mayor Brown’s sleight-of-hand. Banning marijuana is a priority that merits the rapt attention and input of the local citizenry.  No funny business. With Compton’s history of violence steeped in and ravaged by illicit drugs, this should be a no-brainer for the council.

Compton’s closest neighbors have said ‘No!’

So far, 241 cities and counties have either approved some type of cannabis business ban or have one pending according to Marijuana Business Times. An even earlier report stated: “Twenty of the state’s 58 counties and 221 of its 482 municipalities adopted bans leading some locals to dub the trend “Banapalooza.” Local cities that have banned marijuana include Long Beach, Cerritos, Gardena, Lakewood, Manhattan Beach, Norwalk, Palos Verdes, Pomona, Whittier, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Torrance, Thousand Oaks, Burbank, Newport Beach, and Brown’s own hometown of Pasadena.

Proponents, even those sitting on the dais, are only trying to buy time to finesse the public into some level of approval of marijuana versus a total ban. Expect Compton residents to be lured with stories of how citizens are being deprived of participation in the industry, how much money and taxes could be made locally, how reformed drug felons in the industry now need jobs, and how those with an actual real medical necessity will be deprived.

Would be like mixing gasoline with fire

All wonderful, but as your mother once told you — all money is not good money. Compton had better watch who pushes this and who’s in line to profit by not enacting local regulations to completely ban marijuana. The city needs to move swiftly to protect itself from outside interests purchasing land here to cultivate, and/or drive the proliferation of smoke shops and medical dispensaries. Compton doesn’t need a steady parade of shady characters patronizing these “dope” facilities.

Every aspect should be completely and immediately banned as most other cities have already done. We want a total ban—now! The council, local pastors and their parishioners, and bible-spouting politicians should be at the forefront of a ban against marijuana dispensaries in Compton.

Now sit back and watch who argues otherwise.

Cynthia Macon and Susan Adams are members of the group, Daughters of Compton. 


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  • galaxycontrol September 12, 2016

    Compton needs to focus on shutting down Liquor stores that are on the main streets like Rosecrans and Long Beach Blvd. Why is it that Liquor stores in Compton allow loitering ? The majority of Liquor stores in Compton are a hot bed for alcoholics and winos ! I’m glad that more 7-11’s are opening but please get rid of Liquor stores which are a nuisance in the city.

  • Mr wright August 22, 2016

    the feds states it will always be a schedule 1 drug. i have seen first hand some of those so called clinics robbed and gun fire. we also have a 7-11 in Compton selling weed. like it was stated all money isnt good money. a safer city is better than 10 million in tax money

  • Michael Hill August 10, 2016

    No doubt the usual suspects will bend like Gumby as they always do. Weak…up the street I have one such
    “collective”, no business license, like most and you should see how they operate, unopposed because they pay a land owner rent in cash. They’re making big money too, judging from the cars parked on Wilmington and the side street, most days and, especially, nighttime, weekends. I found out purely by accident since it used to be next to a, now closed, market and formerly a second hand store. Just an open sign on the steel door. SMH And if you ask why don’t we pass an ordinance, you get the hokey pokey from the city attorney, about how legal, etc. I asked, so I do know they are too lazy to look into banning or at least restricting where, in the city, they could operate. Compton, always a day late and a few dollars short on common sense and reason. City doesn’t get business license revenue and should be taxing the hell out of those in business, with no license to legally operate in city limits. Money talks, right? Especially to shady landlords, greedy as hell, most of them. Wilmington & 134th place, this one, BTW. Saw the guy, one Saturday morning put his sign board out, during a morning walk, and crossed the street, heading home, to see what was up, “collective” was hand written on it. I was a bit shocked. In this weed smoking neighborhood? For real? For real, real? Yep!! Edibles too, I suppose, but I’m not a customer, never will be, thank God. Oh, and church in the very next block, I’m not making this up. Can’t…less than 500 feet plus or minus…expecting city officials to roll over on this one, maybe. No backbone like other cities…maybe. IDK

  • Robert Louis Ray August 9, 2016

    I am a strong believer in “medical marijuana” and have seen first hand the benefits received by folks with terminal diseases. This said, I have yet to see how dispensaries can be properly regulated and can not support allowing dispensaries to open (more that are already open) in Compton.

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