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LOCAL VOICES: Compton’s proposed marijuana survey

Survey amounts to more deception: ‘You can fool some of the public, some of the time, but not all of the public, all of the time'  By CYNTHIA MACON and SUSAN ADAMS “Recall them all!” That is the

Survey amounts to more deception: ‘You can fool some of the public, some of the time, but not all of the public, all of the time’


“Recall them all!” That is the battle cry now being heard in multiple cities in Southern California with a history of corruption that is now under disregard and assault by their own city councils on behalf of the marijuana industry.

Cities like Lynwood, Maywood, Cudahy, South Gate, Huntington Park and Compton with a history of corruption, find their councils stalling on the question of marijuana businesses while overriding the will of the people, this while other residential communities like Beverly Hills and Cerritos plus more than half of California cities have already passed complete bans.

unnamed-2Meanwhile in Compton, as predicted, Mayor Aja Brown is stalling on instituting a complete ban on the marijuana industry, signaling for many, corruption in the highest office.

Do not be deceived. Brown is not to be trusted on this question after reneging on her campaign pledge to rid the city of illegal marijuana dispensaries. She has fully reversed herself, singing the praises of permitting the marijuana industry in Compton, though met by a full chorus of “Hail no’s” from the people. In every single community meeting and town hall held since her new position supporting and endorsing the cannabis industry became known, leading Compton citizens, community activists, residents, clergy, and speakers—in English and Spanish—coming before the city council have overwhelmingly made it abundantly clear to the mayor, the city attorney, and the city council, the people are against and will not tolerate Compton becoming a “Drug Hub” once again.

Therefore to circumvent the opposition, Brown has made another simple request to council to conduct a survey, which if approved, will then predictably turn into a well-oiled machine designed to deliver rigged results. The survey is a joke, the dubious results which you can straight away predict:  That according to the city’s unscientific, biased, crooked analysis, “lo and behold and miracle of miracles,” the city of Compton really does want marijuana businesses!  Forget the real life bodies standing before the mayor and the council declaring otherwise, the public is expected to believe in phantom survey-takers somewhere in cyberspace.

Yes, a city experiencing rising violence, still generationally impacted by drugs, and already besieged with illegal dispensaries and cultivation growers, wants companies to come from as far as Canada and Barcelona, Spain to sell, manufacture, test, deliver, and cultivate cannabis. Discussing what questions will be on the survey, who will conduct it, and such falls into the mayor’s trap. You cannot validate a “garbage in garbage out” methodology. Remember, Measure P began with a simple request to council to just put the question before the people, then was immediately followed by Mayor Brown conducting a multi-thousand dollar professional glossy campaign backed by outsider and union money.  So if the council elects to pass the Mayor’s simple request for a survey, they have already been duped and lost the battle. “Fool you once, shame on her; fool you twice, shame on you.”

The verdict of the people is already in and the citizens of Compton want marijuana businesses, out. Why trust phantom survey-takers, an online survey that omits seniors and stakeholders, technology that can be compromised, an unproven survey methodology never before used in the city, capitalizing on the uneducated public’s lack of knowledge about the future impact on the community, and exploiting those residents confusing banning marijuana “use” with banning the “marijuana commercial industry.” Responsible city councils did not need a survey to institute a ban to protect citizen safety, or put the question before the people as a measure, like Carson, instead of a fly-by-night survey. The position of Compton residents is much too emphatic for a questionable survey or measure. The people of Compton demand and desire a full and complete ban as common sense dictates for a city with Compton’s history.

What the council does not understand is their “wait and see” attitude on whether to add the marijuana industry mix to a city like Compton just reveals a deficit in leadership. All on the dais who vote for bringing the marijuana industry to Compton, get ready to come out of office. Even the scorched earth “divide and conquer” methodology of  Mayor Brown is failing as Compton residents finally realize they always have had a  shared destiny, a mutual desire for progress that does not sell out the City, based upon their true love for Compton.

Residents are definitely unified on the question of resisting “progress and change” that turns Compton back into a drug industry center. Better cities than Compton are equipped for regulation of the cannabis industry, and there is plenty of land in California to cultivate outside of Compton’s residential neighborhoods.While Mayor Brown and Councilman Galvan have come out forcefully for marijuana, there are three voices—Emma Sharif, Tana McCoy, and Janna Zurita—who can put an end to the survey, the delays, and nonsense.

Yet why they have not by now has left many citizens to ponder whether some are awaiting the false and rigged results of a city-conducted survey to cover their hidden pro-marijuana stance. If the council was going to institute a complete ban, some argue, Compton would have already done so by now  The council does not need to gather more information; it needs to implement the public will without delay and further deception.

If council cannot get this right, citizens are expressing, what need is the present council in its entirety, especially in light of Compton Sheriff Thatcher’s report that his department lacks the capacity to deal with the industry; an anticipated 40 percent predicted increase in violence based on Colorado’s experience; a concentration of the cannabis industry overwhelmingly in disadvantaged Black and Brown communities; the proximity to schools leading to a Compton Unified School District reproach led by Board President Satra Zurita; the potential for corruption of city officials and future elections; the moral imperative; and the known presence of over 20 existing illegal marijuana dispensaries and grow operations.  Also, approving a rigged survey speaks volumes for the council’s lack of capacity to forthrightly lead the community on something as inherently basic as assuring public safety in a city with an ignoble drug history.

So the final question is whether with Mayor Aja Brown jumping in the front seat, grabbing the wheel to steer, whether the “formerly known bobblehead” city council members now seemingly in the back seat again, demand she pull over and take the wheel in order to stop the people of Compton from being taken on yet another ride. Remember Measure P?

Cynthia Macon and Susan Adams are Daughters of Compton



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