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LOCAL VOICES: Cannabis in Compton fuels heated passions

Cannabis: Medical vs. recreational, legal or illegal, is a volatile, divisive issue in Compton; at the heart greed trumps compassion Editor’s Note: There appears to be plenty of people in Compton that are passionate on both

Cannabis: Medical vs. recreational, legal or illegal, is a volatile, divisive issue in Compton; at the heart greed trumps compassion

Editor’s Note: There appears to be plenty of people in Compton that are passionate on both sides of the spectrum about the prospect of recreational and/or medicinal cannabis’ legal acceptance in the city. The Compton Herald’s story last week (“Illegal marijuana dispensaries operating with impunity in Compton,” Aug. 31, 2016) infuriated some and was applauded by others. The following represents some local sentiments about this smoking hot issue:

Susan Adams. “Right now, there are 21 [marijuana dispensaries] in Compton, and guess what, Compton people don’t own many, so the money is being taken out of Compton anyway. As for the taxes, a fiscal analyst for the City of Long Beach found regulating the industry would cost their city $5 million while the revenue would only be $3 million. It costs more money to regulate than the city would make, so the idea that schools, youth centers, and pot holes would benefit is not necessarily true. And, I wish people would stop hiding behind a fake mask of compassion. Most bedroom cities in California have banned marijuana, so visiting another city is already business as usual for those “few” with a medical necessity. But who are we fooling? Wanting to buy, grow, or produce marijuana in Compton has nothing to do with the sick and infirmed. This is about making money and convenience for recreational users—even if Compton and its neighborhoods, children, people, and reputation have to continue to suffer.”

Joyce Kelly. “Could it be someone in power over Compton has a vested interest? Oh, why doesn’t [City Atty.] Craig Cornwell get help from the Feds to help him close [the dispensaries], since he said he couldn’t.”

Mark Belson: “Good question, Joyce. Cornwell’s way too soft on criminal enforcement.”


Andrew Wright. “Remember Ms. Kelly, the sheriff came to [a] City Council meeting and stated they could and would have [the dispensaries] all closed within a few months. That’s when [there were] only seven. Now [there are] more than 20.”

Frank Trujillo. “I’m sick and tired of old people commenting and spewing nothing but [incoherence]. Cannabis is a schedule 1drug simply because our racist, tyrannical government can’t make money off of it. This plant has never harmed anybody and you’re absolutely stupid if you think it has. Compton is slowly but surely going to the undesirables (whites). Our current piece of crap mayor is more concerned with pandering to crackers than tending to citizen needs — this includes natural medicines like cannabis. And, Compton Herald, stop spreading negative propaganda about cannabis. If you don’t use it, cool; but don’t castigate those of us with enough common sense and knowledge to know what’s what and how we can use what we have to heal ourselves. By writing bull—- like this you have unofficially become a pimp for the pharmaceutical industry that consistently sucks the life out of this community. Report on that!

Compton Herald. “Frank Trujillo, the ‘propaganda’ you refer to is called the First Amendment — Freedom of the Press; Freedom of Speech — just like your rant! If we’re too rich for your blood, then simply stop reading us!”

Frank Trujillo. “You’ve effectively proven my point. No real comeback for your propaganda, just a generic evasive response; ‘claps sarcastically.’ How about posting real news for a change?

Compton Herald. “Frank Trujillo, plenty of real news here. I suggest that you get someone to read to you the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. No propaganda or sarcasm — just truth. The people truly do “perish for lack of knowledge.”

Brent Lee Davis Bey. “Fast food restaurants and liquor stores need to be classified as a schedule 101 drug; they’ve done more damage to the health of the community than a fu—– plant!

Frank Trujillo. “Exactly! I find the hypocrisy in this post disturbing. Banning a harmless plant, but practically begging fast food corporations to come in, in droves to conduct business in this city, effectively murdering our loved ones with their garbage. And let’s not forget the alcohol companies, either. I wonder why we haven’t put a ban on alcohol (the obvious killer in the hood), yet?

Chris Petit. “Marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug according to the Drug Enforcement Agency. A state measure will not supersede that fact and put many at the mercy of federal law enforcement now heavily concentrated in Compton thanks to the Violence Reduction Network. We’d be selling our people into a new kind of slavery if we allowed this.”

Frank Trujillo. “Wow… listen to the stupidity and the hypocrisy in your post!”

Chris Petit. “But you haven’t said anything? Let’s talk if you want to talk.”

Frank Trujillo. “I refer you to my post. That is all I need to say to the likes of ignorant people like you.”

Chris Petit. “Hey, I tried … but concerning your post: I never said I was against cannabis or hemp for that matter; I never said that cannabis should be a Schedule 1 drug —only that it is [and] still illegal at the federal level, which means that when it’s time to go after people for possession (conspiracy, distribution, and sales) the Fed’s will be in Compton — not Beverly Hills or Calabasas. Black and Brown people will suffer. Keeping it Schedule 1 is 100 percent an extension of racist mass incarceration policies. You agreed with me. Banning cannabis in Compton will not stop anyone from getting their medicine, but it will make it harder. If a ban is inevitable maybe you should work to get an exemption on the ban for delivery so that residents can get their medicine. Ignorance is the state of being uninformed. Clearly I’m not. How about you?

Compton Herald. “Excellent, lucid response, Chris Petit. Hope it connected!”

Bonified Pestco. “Make it legal and tax them. Duh.”

Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.

  • Nameless September 6, 2016

    Considering the decades long trauma that residents in Compton have suffered – with very little, if any assistance to address it – cannabis in The Hub should be looked at from an entirely different angle than that which it currently is. There are some serious benefits to cannabis and many of them are completely in-line with trauma or ptsd. So, whereas there should be 20 trauma assistance centers in the city, now there are 20 dispensaries in the city. All because the trauma continues to go without being properly addressed. You can’t heal the people of the city with new buildings and and ribbon cutting ceremonies – because buildings go down dilapidated years after the ribbons have been cut.
    If you want to stop the dispensaries, address the trauma. If not, they will continue to spout up like, well, weeds.

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