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Jordan’s Rooter: Serving California since 1985

Jordan’s Rooter handles residential and commercial plumbing emergencies and still offers free phone estimates on any project

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ArRasheed Jordan has engineered Jordan’s Rooter for more than three decades. Photo courtesy Jordan’s Rooter

Plumbing and any home repair issue handled day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; Jordan’s Rooter brings peace of mind to homeowners

COMPTON — Home improvement specialist Jordan’s Rooter, is a family-owned and operated business located in the “Hub City.” It was founded by patriarch ArRasheed Jordan.

Jordan, a simply amazing guy, an entrepreneur from a very young age, launched Jordan’s Rooter in California in 1985. Jordan has since built a successful, thriving company, which has helped thousands of clients with their home issues along the way.

Compton Herald | Jordan's RooterJordan was inspired by his grandfather Paul Odom. Odom was a man with a third-grade education who planted the seed for entrepreneuship with his own paint company after serving in the Second World War, only to come home to racial bigotry and Jim Crow.

Odom would not allow prejudice to define him, rising above it, and inspiring those behind him. Jordan’s Rooter’s first dispatcher was Ethel Atiyah Biggs-Jordan, the family matriarch alongside ArRasheed, fondly known as “Umi,” which is Arabic for mother.

Jordan’s children and family played a major role in the success of the company as well. Whether creating promo flyers, reaching out to customers or serving as Chief Executive Officer, as is the case with daughter Sharifah Hardie, they helped provide a firm foundation. Hardie is credited with bringing Jordan’s Rooter into the 21st century, instituting JordansRooter.com and JordansHomeRemodeling.com, along with the company’s social media presence on Facebook.

Highly-skilled expertise

Jordan has worked diligently more than three decades fulfilling the American dream of business ownership. Small businesses are very important in their communities, helping the locals with their home issues while also providing much-needed jobs and training for those in the community. Becoming a successful entrepreneur has enabled Jordan to give back to the community, sponsoring events, giving to local charities, and finding time to teach youth critical life skills.

In a world where everyone desires a corporate office job, expertise in highly skilled occupations like plumbing, construction, and home remodeling are rare. But Jordan was kind enough to take unemployed persons with little knowledge and experience, and train them to become skilled at providing these services. He offers them a secure job and a skill that can serve them for the rest of their life. By having a job close to their home, many of them avoided the daily commute and were able to spend more time with their families.

Plumbing, home remodeling, repair

Although plumbing and home repair may not be appealing to everyone, having a company you know you can depend on day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any home repair issue, to the homeowner equates to peace of mind.

Jordan’s Rooter handles residential and commercial plumbing emergencies and as it has done for more than 30 years, still offers free phone estimates on any project — rare benefit in the plumbing business in 2018. Whether the issue is a clogged toilet or sink, challenges with the heating/cooling system, electrical or solar panel installation, the Jordan’s Rooter family is ready to lend its expertise to remedy your problem.

But there’s more … Jordan’s Rooter also has a division dedicated to home remodeling. The team of professionals works closely with clients to offer the perfect home they’ve dreamed of.

If you live in Compton or adjacent communities and have any kind of household issue, don’t hesitate to contact Jordan’s Rooter. Mr. ArRasheed Jordan, himself or one of the company’s trained professionals will embrace your job with a smile and a kind word.

Supporting local businesses allows our community to grow and flourish. For all your home needs, contact Jordan’s Rooter today at (800) 300-0358 or visit JordansRooter.com and JordansHomeRemodeling.com

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