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Jim Brown critics should defer censure

Critics yapping about Jim Brown’s meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, know little about his stellar work after football National Football League gridiron great and Hall of Famer Jim Brown has been striving for years to get

Critics yapping about Jim Brown’s meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, know little about his stellar work after football

National Football League gridiron great and Hall of Famer Jim Brown has been striving for years to get traction for AMER-I-CAN, his nonprofit program to help Black urban males. The Democrats have never done much to help his cause, nor any other political party in the U.S. He has received some private philanthropic help, but not nearly enough.

Now, he and another NFL Hall of Fame great, linebacker Ray Lewis want to see what President-elect Donald Trump will do to advance their cause. After all, he said he will help the inner city. It remains to be seen. Brown and Lewis met with Trump at Trump Towers, Tuesday for talks. The details of the discussion are unknown, but Brown said it centered on lifting up urban America with meaningful jobs and aid.

People are already doubting the move by Brown and Lewis. But, what this writer believes, is that Brown is “real.” I’ve seen him up close in action. There’s no pretense with him.

I wrote a story years ago about a gifted 9-year-old black wrestler from Compton named Joey Davis, Jr., who didn’t have the money to pay for a flight to Amsterdam, Netherland to compete in the World Junior Championships in 2004. The City of Compton wouldn’t give this kid a dime (very regretful). Jim Brown read the story, stepped up to the plate and donated $3,000 for the roundtrip plane fare and lodging. Joey finished second place in the world that year. There’s no telling how much this buoyed Joey’s faith.

He went on from there to win the California CIF high school wrestling championships three years in a row, then won a full scholarship to Notre Dame College of Ohio, where he was the third undefeated NCAA wrestler over a four-year career ever and the first wrestler in the history of the NCAA Division II to end his entire career undefeated. He finished his career with an immaculate record of 133-0.

Today, young Joey is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter with Bellator MMA (turn pro two months ago). He’s undefeated 1-0.

Joey’s success might have been improbable if not for Jim Brown’s kindness. Joey could have ended up like so many Black kids from Compton — a gang, or drug abuse statistic, incarcerated or six feet under. His dad, Joey, Sr. gave the tough love, a rigid upbringing.

Then, years later Brown came along and watered what Joey, Sr. planted. Brown has been doing this sort of thing for decades.

So, before you lump Jim Brown in a category with “Sell Outs and Sold Outs,” consider his record. How many other rich and famous Black American athletes, entertainers, and businessmen and woman have invested in the inner city like Brown? I dare to venture, less than a hand full.

Jim Brown is the real deal.

Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.

  • Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino December 15, 2016

    Right on my brother and we must not forget how much democrats have done to only support friends and relatives and boo coos rather than step over into Macedonia for the REAL COMMUNITY WORKERS on the front lines. Looks like to me the Republicans are on the job!

  • Todd Elliott Koger December 14, 2016

    Laugh! Cringe!

    But it appears the only black leaders given opportunity to lead in America can’t build a complete sentence!!! They’re without the aptitude to communicate a proficient “subject-verb” pair. So how do we expect them to catalyze change for America’s most-neediest population?

    President-Elect Donald Trump wants to enable the states with dedicated grants and implementation standards related to diversity, inclusion, and targeted hiring, and the resources necessary to spur investment in underserved black neighborhoods. Stopping gun violence, creating jobs, revitalizing education, replacing substandard housing, and strengthening families is the mandate we secured.

    Mr. Trump owes his victory to “predominately black Democratic strongholds of Pennsylvania” who were convinced to give Mr. Trump more votes than the previous Republican Party presidential candidate. African Americans like Todd Elliott Koger convinced hundreds of thousands blacks in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and various other states to “boycott” the vote and/or voting “straight” Democrat.

    Mr. Trump we want intensive support with operations, curriculum, instruction, and “school choice” for persistently low-achieving inner city public school districts. To provide career training in high-growth industries, manufacturing, and informational technology, your new administration just can’t parade the usual simpletons in front of the news media’s cameras.

    Don’t make the same mistake of your predecessor and hire a set quota of “incapable blacks” in your administration just to prove diversity. To encourage job creation, community redevelopment and sustainable BLACK LIFE, give us at least one “legitimate and capable” brother and/or sister. Put him/her in the West Wing with you and allow the “new” black leader opportunity to follow the PLAN to put neighborhood black boys and girls to work removing inner city blight and building affordable housing for black inner city families.

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