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Editor-at-large thinking aloud

Issues everyone’s thinking about, but dare not utter; from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to Inglewood and Compton HERE'S WHAT I'M THINKING ABOUT. Presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her “Donny Trump Antagonist,” Sen. Elizabeth

Issues everyone’s thinking about, but dare not utter; from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to Inglewood and Compton

HERE’S WHAT I’M THINKING ABOUT. Presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her “Donny Trump Antagonist,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Clinton and Warren recently stoked further speculation that the Massachusetts senator could be a leading contender to become Clinton’s running mate. But how beneficial would this actually be to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee?

Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is the editor and publisher of the Compton Herald.

Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is the editor and publisher of the Compton Herald.

Though the Massachusetts senator has been unrelenting in her attacks on real estate mogul and GOP nominee Donald Trump in recent weeks, even before she formally endorsed Clinton, Sen. Warren will not become vice president on the Clinton ticket.

Trump would have a field day with Warren. He has already referred to her as “Goofy” Elizabeth Warren and, more controversially, Pocahontas, a reference to her Native American ancestry that came under dispute during her 2012 Senate run.

But that’s not why Warren will not be selected as Clinton’s vice presidential running mate. Let’s face it, two White women as leaders of the most powerful nation in the Free World, indeed the Earth! NOT! It ain’t gonna happen, McCrackin!

The nation and the world aren’t ready. The bigoted strata in America couldn’t contain its hatred of the nation’s first Black president. Two White females would have them (mostly White Republican working class males, not to mention White supremacists) upchucking their vitriol on a daily basis. Trump would exploit this vociferously

A Clinton-Warren ticket would make for an even more historic ticket, but seminal moments in history take time and have to wait their turn. Imagine candidate Barack Obama selecting a Black vice presidential running mate. It would have been too much to process for the collective American psyche. Two females in the White House may happen one day, but not in 2016.

Donald Trump and the shamelessly “Pandering Clerics.” Talking about James Dobson, Tony Evans, James Roberson, Franklin Graham, et al. Despite what conservatives believe, Republicanism and conservatism do not equate to Godliness. Case in point, the neo-conservative Ku Klux Klan, which historically stood on the bible while placing a noose around the necks of untold Black men, women, and children, claims to be Christian.

Dobson, the popular founder and host of the daily program, Focus On the Family, and fellow Republican clergymen Evans, Roberson, and Graham attempted to sanitize Trump, at a GOP rally, recently, calling him “born again” and a “baby Christian” to justify their support of him.

I suppose if the devil were Republican running for POTUS, they’d embrace him, too. Maybe they have!

After the meeting between Trump and the evangelicals, one  unconvinced guest,  noting the candidate spoke during the meeting about “religion” — but not “faith, belief, prayer, the Bible, and Jesus Christ,” prompted this apology from Dobson:

Trump “doesn’t know our language. You gotta cut him some slack. He didn’t grow up like we did.”

If that’s not blowing smoke in Trump’s ear, what is? Other Christians responded on social media to the news of Trump’s reported Jesus moment with somewhat less enthusiasm.

Popular Christian author and blogger Rachel Held Evans put it bluntly in a tweet: “Oh give me a break. Donald Trump hasn’t been born again. The Religious Right has simply sold out.”

And in a blog post about Dobson’s statement, John Fea, chair of the history department at Messiah College in Grantham, Pa., called Trump’s meeting with evangelicals “the theo-political equivalent of money laundering.”

I’m sure some of the evangelicals — if not all — repented of their shameless pandering as fast as they could get to their prayer closets.

Furthermore, all of you hypocrites claiming to be Christians and heaven-bound, yet stubbornly cling to bigotry, the sin detector at heaven’s gate is going to clang with such ferocity at your arrival, you will be repulsed and streak to hell as a bolt of lightning. That’s not speculation. That’s Word! “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” Luke 10:18.

Inglewood about to displace thousands to usher in gentrification waiting at the gate. The handwriting is on the wall and it isn’t graffiti! The Forum, $1.86 billion NFL futuristic Rams football stadium and the Hollywood Park Tomorrow Mixed Use Development, in store for Inglewood, isn’t for the festering criminal element currently entrenched there.

To steal a line from the Hollywood film, “Field of Dreams” — “Build it and they will come” — meaning affluent White people riding a wave of gentrification. That’s what’s going to happen in Inglewood, except, the deep pockets who initially fled amid “White Flight” in the 60s and 70s, cannot return until the current element is fully dislodged to make way for them.

Property owners are already displacing working class tenants who occupy their rental properties, refusing to extend leases, and increasing rent by the hundreds of dollars, forcing people out, the majority of whom are Black and Latino.

This isn’t speculation, either! Mayor James Butts knows it, the City Council knows it, the City Planning Commission knows it, billionaire Rams owner Stanley Kroenke knows it, the Madison Square Garden Company knows it, and the Hollywood Park Land Company knows it.

The only people who don’t know, are the ones who are going to be blindsided — displaced with nowhere to go. Perhaps that’s the plan — herd Blacks and Browns to places like San Bernardino, Moreno Valley, Lancaster, and Palmdale  the new zones of crime and violence. 

Following a $50 million renovation of The Forum by the Madison Square Garden Company, restoring the luster and profitability of the original venue to its glory days as the Great Western Forum and home of the Los Angeles Lakers, you knew something of grand proportion was afoot in Inglewood.

The present Hollywood Park Tomorrow Mixed Use redevelopment of the approximately 238-acre project site, including  2,995 homes (starting at $750,000), 620,000 square feet of retail space, 75,000 square feet of office/commercial space, 10,000 square feet of community serving uses, a 25-acre park featuring a lake and waterfall, and a 300-room hotel  should convince anyone of Inglewood’s ambitions if they had lingering doubts. 

“We are not aspiring to create Rodeo Drive,” Chris Meany, development manager for the Hollywood Park Land Co., told a local newspaper in January. “We’re responding to create a place that is young and contemporary. The retailers are the kind you’d see at The Grove.”

Gentrification. It happened in San Francisco, Brooklyn, Pasadena … it’s happening in Oakland and downtown Los Angeles … and now, Inglewood.

And that, folks, is what’s driving the price of real estate in Inglewood through the stratosphere, which will amply restore the City to its long-held nickname, “Jewel of the South Bay.”

As you can see, “Future Inglewood ” is going to be a place for people of means and affluence.

Last but not least, the Compton Herald is earnestly looking for “electable” Compton candidates to endorse backed by the power of the press. The City craves new leadership and we aim to exercise a heavy hand in the identification, selection, and grooming of prospects. We plan to shake-up things a bit.

We’re looking for promising political aspirants not given to nepotism, cronyism, or hedonism, but possessed of the rare qualities characterized by moral integrity, independence, creativity, humility, pragmatism, and a willingness to lay aside ego to negotiate with peer officials for the greater good.

If these attributes are a fit, the editors of the Compton Herald would like to get to know you and perhaps even get behind your candidacy. Race and gender have no bearing. Submit your resume and vision for Compton posthaste to thecomptonherald@gmail.com


Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.


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