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Isaac Galvan allegedly shows his ‘hooliganism’ once again

EDITORIAL: Maybe voters will grant a permanent “time out” for the emotionally infantile and irresponsible councilmember

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With Isaac Galvan, the City of Compton has endured more than a few instances of rancorous behavior which it can ill-afford

No one is willing to publicly go on record and corroborate the whispers that Compton District 2 Councilmember Isaac Galvan again humiliated himself and embarrassed the City of Compton with hooliganism and reckless drunkenness.

Compton Herald | Issac Galvan

Compton Councilmember Issac Galvan. Official photo

This latest obstreperous (now, you know it was really bad) behavior allegedly came at the 61st Annual Municipal Seminar hosted by the California Contract Cities Association, May 17-20, at the Renaissance Resort and Spa in Indian Wells, Calif.

Galvan allegedly got into a fistfight with another guest that had to be broken up by Compton City Manager Cecil W. Rhambo. The annual seminar is a collaborative governance event attended by council representatives of 78 other Los Angeles County municipalities that contract for services such as law enforcement with the County Sheriff’s Department.

The Compton City Council was in attendance with Rhambo. It is unknown what spurred the alleged altercation, but persons who spoke on the condition of anonymity said Galvan appeared intoxicated, as he has been in past bouts of disorderly conduct at public events.

When we queried hotel management about the alleged ruckus, a spokesman growled the “hotel would have no comment,” and rudely slammed the phone in our ear. That was understandable considering the damaging sideshow the fisticuff must have been at one of the premier resort hotels in the county. It is puzzling why the Riverside Sheriff’s Department Indian Wells substation did not have a police report of the incident on file. Investigator Armando Munoz told the Compton Herald, the sheriff department was “unaware of a fight.”

We find it unlikely that law enforcement did not respond to a violent incident at a 4-star hotel. Someone obviously pulled some strings.

Rhambo, a former retired assistant sheriff, did not return calls to the Herald concerning Galvan, neither did District 1 Councilmember Janna Zurita or District 3 Councilmember Tana McCoy. District 4 Councilmember Emma Sharif returned our call out of “professional courtesy,” she said, but added, she would have “no comment.”

Time and again Galvan has demonstrated impudence publicly, borne by eyewitness accounts, which badly reflected on the city. But no one in official providence, to our knowledge, has ever repudiated him.

Mayor Aja Brown has not called out Galvan because he represents a strategic third vote on the council, along with McCoy. So that leaves him free to “act out” in public — wallow in drunkenness, and hurl racial epithets against others, including the mayor and council peers, with impunity.

And that’s a disgrace.

Strategic vote or not, Galvan is a poor example of city officialdom and should not represent the City of Compton, which has struggled to live down a deplorable image from decades of street gang mayhem. With Galvan, the city has endured more than a few instances of rancorous behavior which it can ill-afford.

Maybe voters will finally say “enough is enough” and oust Galvan from public office or launch a successful recall that will, in effect, be a permanent “time out” for the emotionally infantile and irresponsible councilmember.

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