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Hub City Hemp: ‘Just Say, No’ to dope dispensaries

Compton will become Cannabis Alley and a dope smoker’s paradise if City follows through with marijuana dispensaries The City of Compton’s craving for marijuana dispensaries equates to an addict’s chronic, self-destructive need for a “drugged stupor.”

Compton will become Cannabis Alley and a dope smoker’s paradise if City follows through with marijuana dispensaries

The City of Compton’s craving for marijuana dispensaries equates to an addict’s chronic, self-destructive need for a “drugged stupor.” This is simply borne of bad judgment and reckless governance. Compton needs these dispensaries like a 30-year dope fiend needs a truckload of hemp.

Cities and municipalities adjoining and surrounding Compton — Carson, Long Beach, Cerritos, Gardena, Lakewood, Manhattan Beach, Norwalk, Torrance, and Palos Verdes, have all said “No” to marijuana dispensaries.

Additional cities like Pomona, Whittier, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Thousand Oaks, Burbank, Newport Beach, and Mayor Aja Brown’s own hometown of Pasadena — 241 cities and counties, in all, have either approved some type of cannabis ban or have one pending according to Marijuana Business Times.

So, then, why does Brown want to dump the dope in Compton? Why the one city with one of the highest rates for street mayhem in the nation wants to turn itself into a “Hub City Hemp” supermarket, defies good sense in my opinion. Universal cannabis dispensaries, here? What’s the real reason? Money? Greed?

A drug supermarket is exactly what Compton will become — a Weed Whistle Stop, Dope Dead-end,  a Hemp Hamlet, just the kind of free enterprise to encourage more trouble and violence. Compton is the one city that can ill-afford to hang a shingle for dope.

We understand people with chronic illnesses and disease gain comfort from smoking marijuana for their pain and discomfort . But I’m afraid medical marijuana dispensaries and Compton will, in the long run, only make for a tragic, regrettable partnership.

It will give Compton’s nickname , “Hub,” new meaning — “Hub of Hemp.” Smokers from miles around will descend on Compton like a smoker’s emporium, the same way middle-class college students descend on South L.A. to “cop” their “crack” cocaine, and heroin in the din of night. This is not speculation — it’s a fact!

One exponent of the dispensaries wrote, proponents of hemp houses “even those sitting on the dais [at Compton City Council meetings], are only trying to buy time to finesse the public into some level of approval of marijuana versus a total ban. Expect Compton residents to be lured with stories of how citizens are being deprived of participation in the industry, how much money and taxes could be made locally, how reformed drug felons in the industry now need jobs, and how those with an actual real medical necessity will be deprived.”

The city would be making a deal with the devil. Compton doesn’t need tainted money. It would be like mixing gasoline with C4 explosive with an extended fuse. An explosion might not occur right away — but an explosion is coming.

Let us not forget that the smoking age has been raised from 18 to 21. Non-compliant teens will become even larger targets of racial profiling and subject to fines or jail. We all know marijuana is a popular recreational drug among the young set. Medical marijuana dispensaries won’t only be dispensing to the medically needy, but will spur a “cottage industry” of phony Compassionate Use Cards rendered by untrustworthy, non-reputable clinics. The cost of the card for new patients is $59; renewals are only $45. The only official documents needed in California to obtain a card is a California driver’s license or a California ID — too easy for corruptive influences, who also would be permitted to grow and cultivate marijuana. Prior medical documentation to qualify is not needed.

The council, local churches, law enforcement, and residents should come together as a coalition to decry medical marijuana dispensaries. Pastors should lead the way to ban dispensaries as a moral imperative. These enterprises in Compton are plain and simply a bad idea, regardless of the potential tax base. No amount of money is worth the loss of even one life to violence, which would curse the city to an even greater degree. There has already been one fatality in Compton associated with these dispensaries.

Two-hundred forty-one cities have officially said “No!” If Compton proceeds with this very obvious harbinger of evil to come, our elective leadership is in cahoots with denizens and are leading the city down a darkened path.

Am I stoking fear? Absolutely, if it will prevent further mayhem in Compton spare the loss of more lives.


Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.

  • Lukas August 26, 2016

    Mr. Fellows,
    If one were to pull back the focus on all the Cannabis articles you publish, one might wonder what is your personal stake in this issue really is. The country and the world are embracing cannabis and hemp.

    Historically African American conservatism is a bastion for those who wish only to oppress African Americans. The DEA doesn’t want legalization because “I smelled cannabis” is the script law enforcement uses to usurp the poor people’s 4th amendment rights.

    Who is supporting you? The “white” cannabis corporations that know they have the power to override any decisions against cannabis by your local councilmen? They are using you to pave the way for others (Non-Black,Korean,Arab,Hindu) “community” to come into ours and take money back to their communities.

    Why don’t you get rid of the liquor stores first and give cannabis a try at building our community. Dispensary owners can dedicate funds for adult responsibility revitalization programs,arts and music in schools and entrepreneurial workshops. We own the shops we control what programs are supported. How many entrepreneurial workshops do you run? How many full-time employees at the Herald? A Cannabis organization could create 1000s of new jobs. Are white people paying you to set us up? I just took a look at the most comprehensive list of top minority news agencies and why is your tabloid not included?


    Why is that? Do your peers not respect your tabloid, do they know something the citizens of Compton don’t ? More reputable minority news agency like Black Enterprise Magazine support African American participation in Cannabis. I notice your street vernacular in describing “cannabis as dope” are you a “dry drunk”(a term in Narcotic Anonymous associated with bitter ex-attics who subconsciously hunger to get high). I have spent many years around recovering attics, I sense a little PCP(Sherm-head) and Heroin in your past history (present?,future?) , and only Heroin attics call everything dope. Do you know more about being a Junkie than you want to admit publicly?
    You mention so much about corruption are you projecting, it is a very common character flaw among ex-attics. Obviously, you are, by the fact all your articles on Cannabis are misleading African Americans. Have your downfalls as a significant journalist made you bitter? Your tabloid is insignificant, spend more of journalistic vigor to understand that Cannabis is not going away, Compton will have dispensaries but if Compton continues to support your rhetoric then again we will be left behind in the last economic boom of our generation. I quote the infamous Tupac lyric: “You dumb Nigga! “

  • Jimmy Limo August 14, 2016

    Sorry, Jarrette… You don’t get it. People are going to smoke it, dispensaries or not. It’s a statistical FACT that where medical cannabis is available, addiction to and deaths from pharmaceuticals (legal and not) are reduced by 25% ! It will save lives in your community, and ALL LIVES MATTER ! Plus, if you close the dispensaries, people will buy their pot from drug dealers, who will offer them heroin, crack, pills and worse. LEGAL dispensaries will take a LOT of money out of drug dealers’ pockets. Also, cannabis will reduce domestic and other violence. Please reconsider your antiquated stance… Peace

    •   (@Kweezy157) August 14, 2016

      I second that statement. Lol this article is full of s**t, good ‘ol fear-mongering “journalism” at it’s best.

      • Jimmy Limo August 15, 2016

        Bad analogy, Jarrette… Number of people who have died from cannabis overdose, in the last 100 YEARS…. ZERO ! Give the people a safer alternative to alcohol, which kills 88,000 Americans EVERY YEAR !

          • Jimmy Limo August 17, 2016

            “…these dispensaries will be shot down” ??? Bad analogy in a city like Compton, Jarrette… Surely you’re not advocating GUNPLAY to keep cannabis stores out of town ! Or are you working to maintain a monopoly for Compton’s LIQUOR stores ? Now THAT’S a problem you should be dealing with…

      • Mark Conlin August 15, 2016

        Straw man argument. Cannabis doesn’t kill people. The fact that you would put forward such a nonsensical comparison is a good indication of your level of reefer madness. Prohibition is a dereliction of responsibility – not an effective solution. Communities need to acknowledge the issue, start to effectively address it through regulation and stop feeding the for-profit prison system. Your position is the opposite of the right way!

          • DT August 15, 2016

            Exactly!! Residents of the city need to stand up. Have a vote on it definitely. Those not residing or never lived through the spiral of decay within this mecca have no understanding of what it means to be a Comptonite. Even though there will probably be plenty within the city who may say yes to it, I believe the vast majority will be against. We do not need a non producing employment opportunity here. The liquor stores have been the breeding grounds for mayhem, interalia, for many years; those will never leave but at least we can stop the new sister to degradation. Let’s look at other opportunities for growth. Plenty of weed shops in the city of l.a. exist. I get the medicinal effect some seek or are told to use…..but the readers of this article probably don’t understand the history of this great city. Those who have been through the boom of drugs and violence can understand where your article is coming from. Keep up the great work. Tarbabe for life!!

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