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Horrific Interstate 15 crash leaves L. A. couple unscathed

Miraculously the pair emerged from the wreckage of the totaled car uninjured

Compton Herald | Interstate 15 crash
The victims of this horrific car crash on Interstate 15 north to Victorville, Calif., miraculously survived unscathed. Photo courtesy G. Gibson

Miracle on I-15 as couple in a car that flipped to avoid another, survive unscathed

Los Angeles — A man and a woman traveling from Los Angeles to Victorville early Friday morning were involved in a horrific freeway crash, in which, miraculously there were no injuries.

The mishap occurred when a rear tire blew out on a vehicle traveling northbound on the I-15 to Victorville, Calif.

According to the California Highway Patrol, John Washington and Sherry Jamison (not their real names) who were directly behind the vehicle, swerved to avoid hitting the car but lost control of their car, which flipped, turning over several times.

The car Washington and Jamison were riding in was completely totaled. The pair emerged from the wreckage unscathed.

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