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Al Hamade intensifies Compton District 2 council race

Businessman Al Hamade grew his auto dealership in Southern California into a successful and profitable enterprise

Compton Herald | Al Hamade

Al Hamade says living in Compton with potholes, litter, graffiti, broken streetlights, untrimmed trees has been source of frustration

COMPTON — Businessman Al Hamade used his innate entrepreneurial gifts to fashion an auto dealership in Southern California in 1990, ultimately growing it into a successful and profitable enterprise.

Hamade (pronounced HA-MA-dee), moved the business to a corner lot bordering on the City of Compton in 1996 and in 2005, he decided to transplant his roots here, purchasing his first rental investment. He has been a fixture ever since.

In that time Hamade has seen Compton erode politically under three mayors, a revolving door of city managers, a reduction in new businesses and jobs, and overall aesthetic decline in terms of pot hole-ridden streets and roads, and a largely unkempt cityscape.

“For 20 years, I eaten, shopped, and conducted business daily in Compton,” he said. “I’ve seen the city slowly erode. I want to bring my experience to city government to serve and work to solve the problems that District 2 and our city is facing.

“Public safety is number one for a business owner to come and invest in Compton. My plan is to improve and beautify the district to make it more appealing to investors and to be able to advertise what businesses we need in Compton,” Hamade explained. “By doing that new businesses will come in bringing local jobs and create more tax revenue for the city.”

“As a resident and parent, I am concerned about the direction our city.  I see potholes, trash, and graffiti on our streets and no action from the city. I will be the voice for District 2 in city hall and I will take action to clean our streets and make our community a better place for businesses, and our families.

“Before I moved to Compton, I lived in Westminster [Calif.], where I bought my first home. I was very involved in the community in activities such as parades, dia de la familia, and Kiwanis club charity events.”

Married with six children, Hamade, 49, said his plan is to clean up Compton, beginning in the second district to make it a better place to “raise our children to create a better business environment, and more jobs.  As for the problems pertaining to youth and crime, Hamade proposes to meet youth half way to give them an opportunity to improve their lives.

“My plan for youth is to devise programs to enhance their education and skills, and teach them how to create change in their lives to achieve productive futures,” Hamade said. “As a parent and successful small businessman, I know first-hand the struggles of raising children and putting food on the table.”

The only candidate fluent in Spanish, Hamade, who speaks four languages, continued: “As a resident and parent, I am concerned about the direction our city. “I will cut wasteful spending and oppose any tax increases that do not benefit the families of the second district. The time to change is now. As your next councilman I pledge to be your voice in city hall.

“As a 27-year entrepreneur, I have the skills to generate money and have experience in management and problem solving,” Hamade said. “The city is like a business; if you overspend you will go out of business; if you work within your budget the business will survive. If you cut wasteful spending then you will have a surplus and be able to expand.”

“I will be there for you when you need me. Even now, my door is always open to your questions and concerns. I’m asking the voters in District 2 to please honor me with your vote. In return I will honor you with my services,” Hamade concluded.

The primary vote is April 18, 2017.

For more information, contact Al Hamade at (310) 766-1531 or alinhamade@msn.com

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