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Film documents Fulton Leroy Washington, aka Mr. Wash story

The documentary makes the case for creativity as an optimistic force

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Mr. Wash holds his ‘Emancipation Proclamation’ painting, in a scene from the film ‘Mr. Wash.’ Vimeo/WeTransfer

A story of hope and the power of art in America’s unforgiving prison system: WeTransfer presents ‘Mr. Wash’, the story of Fulton Leroy Washington

LOS ANGELES– On May 2nd, WeTransfer will release a new documentary film telling the story of Fulton Leroy Washington, aka Mr. Wash. The film leverages WeTransfer’s unique platform for storytelling and celebrates WeTransfer’s role in bringing creative voices to the fore and sharing creative perspectives on the issues of the day. The short will premiere on WeTransfer’s editorial platform WePresent, following a private screening at CAAM (California African American Museum) in Los Angeles – home to both Mr. Wash and WeTransfer.

In 1997, Mr. Wash was given a mandatory life sentence, and in 2016 was granted clemency by President Barack Obama and freed. While in prison, Mr. Wash taught himself how to paint, and crafted thousands of hyper-realistic artworks, many of which were painted of and for his fellow inmates. The documentary tells the inspiring story of Mr. Wash and his return home to his family in Compton, CA, and makes the case for creativity as an optimistic force.

While researching an article on President Obama’s clemency initiative, journalist Marisa Aveling learned of Mr. Wash’s case and, inspired by his story, felt compelled to share his perspective. She then enlisted filmmaker Sean Mattison to develop the short. WeTransfer, understanding how the film could draw attention to issues such as prison reform and the importance of optimism in art and filmmaking, joined the project as a producer in 2017. As part of their work as producer, WeTransfer commissioned respected Los Angeles-based composer Dexter Story to create a dedicated score for the film.

Damian Bradfield, President of WeTransfer, commented: “At WeTransfer, we have always sought to shine a light on the issues of our time, and to promote creative views on these relevant topics. Since making our home in the US in Los Angeles, we have become inspired and engaged by the issues facing our local communities, from gun violence to mass incarceration to homelessness. When Marisa Aveling first brought this story to us and introduced us to Wash, we immediately knew it was a project we wanted to support and a story that our community would find as moving as we do.”

As part of the campaign, Mr. Wash, WeTransfer and the filmmakers are encouraging viewers of the film to donate to Families Against Mandatory Minimums also known as FAMM, an organization working to end the type of mandatory sentencing that put Mr. Wash behind bars for 19 years. WeTransfer will be making a donation to the organization.

Mr. Wash continues WeTransfer’s ongoing support of documentary filmmakers whose work is featured on WePresent, the editorial platform by WeTransfer that showcases creative ideas to spark inspiration and social action. Recent initiatives include ‘100 Days of Optimism,’ a partnership with Seed & Spark to support activism in filmmaking and the launch of ‘Work in Progress,’ a series by WeTransfer exploring the creative process of some of the world’s most groundbreaking artists.

VIEW: WeTransfer presents: Mr Wash (official trailer)

The film screening on May 2nd at CAAM will be followed by an on-stage conversation with Wash and a panel on film as a force for social good.

Date: May 2nd 2018, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Location: California African American Museum, 600 State Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90037 [MAP]
Please RSVP before the April 28 here: http://we.tl/rsvp-mrwash

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