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Ex-Compton deputy city treasurer, wife plead guilty

The total amount stolen between May 2010 and December 2016 was $3,721,924

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Former Compton deputy city treasurer Salvador Galvan faces federal prison for brazenly stealing $3.7 million from City Hall coffers over a six-year stretch. Photo: CBSLA

Salvador Galvan pleads guilty in $3.7-million embezzlement while deputy city treasurer; wife Rosa also pleads guilty

LOS ANGELES – Former Compton deputy city treasurer Salvador Galvan, and his wife, Rosa, must wait until November to learn how many years they will spend in jail for stealing $3.7 million from city coffers.

According to court documents, every day for six years Galvan embezzled varying sums of city money — as much as $8,000. The theft went unsuspected. Galvan, 47, of La Mirada, worked in the Compton Treasurer’s Office since 1994. He was responsible for tallying the cash received by the city as payment for parking tickets, business licenses, and other fees.

Court records show Galvan skimmed cash from the daily receipts he counted, and prepared for deposit into a city bank account.

Court records show that on July 13, as part of a plea agreement, Galvan pleaded guilty to one count of theft from an organization receiving federal funds. The total amount stolen between May 2010 through December 2016 was was $3,721,924.

Galvan initially was arrested in late 2016 by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in relation to the theft. The arrest by the FBI last March resulted from further investigation into the theft of city funds by the department.

Galvan’s wife, Rosa, also a city employee, was implicated in the theft and pleaded July 13, to one count of engaging in a monetary transaction involving property derived from ill-gotten money. She is accused of receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and money orders from her husband, from specified unlawful activity, for which she was aware, records show.

“The people of Compton deserved better,” said Acting United States Attorney Sandra R. Brown. “This defendant stole millions of dollars intended to help residents, placing his own greed over their interests.”

“Defendant Galvan violated the trust of the public he served by stealing money designated for the betterment of the Compton community,” said Deirdre Fike, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office.

Both Galvan and his wife are scheduled to be sentenced in November.

As part of his plea agreement, prosecutors agreed to recommend a sentence of 46 months for Salvador Galvan, who also will be required to pay full restitution.

Prosecutors have not agreed upon a sentence recommendation for his wife.

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