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The electorate is the biggest problem in Compton

Nothing will be accomplished if elected representatives cannot Work Together for the good of Compton

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The “ayes,” as in “I,” don’t have it! The “Yous” have it! You, You, and You — Compton’s electorate!

The Compton City Council is comprised of five votes; one mayor and four city councilpersons. All were elected to serve “You,” not the other way around. It is your responsibility to tell the council what You want — not the converse.

A bastion of bombast and argument, the City Council has wallowed in this muck far too long. What routinely happens in council chambers is not debate — but political grandstanding, one-upsmanship, and besmirching of one another based on ego and personal sentiments that have nothing to do with governance and granting the tax-paying citizenry what it deserves.

This is where You, the electorate have been remiss.

Your insistence from this day forward should be that the bickering and vindictive behavior stop! Nothing will be accomplished in Compton if your elected representatives cannot embrace “détente” and Work Together for the good of the City.

The undercutting, snipping, and sniping must end. This benefits no one, except the fragile egos of the hosts. If they cannot and will not govern the city accordingly — they must go, and room made for those who will.

You, Compton resident, alone have the power to reel in the recalcitrant spirit at City Hall that seeks to allay sound governance through petty grievance and meanness. A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand.

This isn’t only true in the Trumpian White House, it’s true in Compton City Hall.

And You should not stand for the status quo one day longer.

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