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Should Dylann Roof get death penalty?

Majority of respondents on social media have no empathy for mass killer Dylann Roof and think capital punishment is warranted; others say death penalty too easy After nearly a week of painful testimony that vividly recounted

Majority of respondents on social media have no empathy for mass killer Dylann Roof and think capital punishment is warranted; others say death penalty too easy

After nearly a week of painful testimony that vividly recounted the grisly slayings of nine parishioners at Charleston, S.C.’s historical Mother Emanuel church, jurors on Thursday, Dec. 15, quickly delivered a verdict of guilt in two hours convicting white supremacist Dylann Roof in his federal hate crimes trial on all 33 counts of first-degree murder. What made the slayings especially heinous is that Roof sat quietly for roughly an hour in the church’s Wednesday night bible study, before rising from a church pew and systematically firing a 9 mm Glock handgun at parishioners as they knelt in prayer, at times — reloading and shooting some of the victims a second time.

The Compton Herald examined the opinions of more than 100 respondents on social media on whether Roof should be accorded a penalty of death. Here are some of their views — the editor.

Racquel H. Dozier. “Death would be too easy.”

Sabreen Hanan Abdulrahmaan. “Yes.”

Marsha Rae James. “Let the gangbangers have at him!”

DeWayne Williams: “Was there ever any doubt? I believe his cell should have pictures of the deceased and that he has to look at them every day.”

Areva Martin: “Great question especially since many of the victims’ family have indicated that they have forgiven him? Also, can a predominantly white jury give the death penalty to a white man that kills nine African-Americans?”

Eddie Robinson: “Life in the general population!”

Cheryl A. Carter: “He needs to be with the hardcore African-American murderers.”

Laverne Busby-Ross: “Do to him the same thing he did. It’s no forgiveness taking people’s lives.”

Sherri Coomes: “Firing squad led by the survivors of his massacre!”

Cheryl Dorsey: “I hope he gets life and not death. I want him to enjoy the comforts of becoming daily entertainment to the ‘Men’ doing time in prison. He needs to feel the horrible pain each day while seeking forgiveness from God.”

Joel Anthony Ward: “Yes. Anything else sends the wrong message.”

Nelda Bailey: “I say life. “Let him get some jailhouse justice!!

Roberson Paul: “Yes.”

Hesham Elswify: “No doubt.”

Yvonne Francis: “Yes! They executed Tookie Williams, right? Why should he have special privileges [like] life?”

Nelda Bailey: “No disrespect! Tookie was a ‘bad” man.’ [He also] smoked PCP!

Nelda Bailey: “Death row. He could someday be released through appeals. Some judge could save him. It did not work for Tookie!”

Chi La: “I don’t believe in the death penalty, even if it’s him we talking about. I have to stand by that.”

Kyle J. Ismail: “Give him up to the Almighty.”

Bev Cashen: “As he should have been. They need to tie him to [a] stake and set him on fire! And then pour bleach on his remains. Anyone that evil does not need to be on the planet!”

Ernest L. Thomas: “Pain therapy. He needs the sh– slapped out of him randomly for three years.”

Deborah Carroll-Patterson: “Did he ask the victims before he murdered them. Glad they found him guilty and truth be told he should have never made it to trial!”

Hari Meeks Jr.: “Dylann Roof’s crime was premeditated and grisly. He calmly sat in the church for an hour, then unemotionally and cold-bloodedly proceeded to slaughter nine people, forever altering the church and the families of the slain. Only God can redeem him for the life hereafter. But as for his life here on Earth, he’s already discarded it. He should be put to death posthaste!”

Noreen McClendon: “I would rather see him live in hell here on Earth until the Creator decides he’s had enough!”

Hari Meeks Jr.: “What! — living in “special protective quarters” away from the general prison population just like Charles Manson so that inmates cannot get to him; with three square meals daily including dessert, recreation privileges, books to read, family visits … while nine innocent murder victims lie six feet under in cold graves? Long way from hell on Earth, Noreen.”

Noreen McClendon: “It’s not that cozy! I’m in the prisons three days a week. No matter what area you live in. it’s hell. Hell is in the air.

Timothy Faqir: “Let him rot in his 8×11 cell.”

Nimat Rashid: “Even death is too good for [him]. Definitely the death penalty and nothing less!”

Erik Washington: “He could live for years on Death Row with appeals. No, I now want him to live his young life in the harshest prisons forever [plus] 50 yrs!”

Michelle A. Davis: “If it would have been anything different there would have been a big problem. Death penalty!”

Doug Stevens: “Stone him!”

Beverly D. Johnson: “Death. Allow him to feel what those poor trusting souls felt, [some of whom knew] they were about to die.”

Michael White: “This is an act of terrorism like many others cases before. So a place like Guantánamo [Cuba] or the like would be appropriate. While they’re at it his affiliates should be questioned. Such a loss by such a loser.”

Mikial Rashad Ali: “Kill his ass [on] January 20 2017.”

Regina Cameron: “Let him rot in prison for life! Death is too easy. He needs to suffer.”



Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.

  • Glui January 12, 2017

    He should be stone to death and then executed. Then the police or FBI should make it there business to go out to find out white supremacy group brain washed him to do these acts. Because he is not the first person that has made attack and killed innocent people because the color of their skin. He said himself ‘ I had to do it.’ This goes way back to the time of Jesus Crusification. He they killed basically because a man of color and shouldn’t not even think of being killed. If another person of color from another country would kill these many people you would call it a terrist act. He is know different. The only reason why it was only him doing the killing is because he came up with the and brought it to his leader for the go a head. This has been going on for years and will not end until law enforcement start knocking the doors of perpetrators. You know they are.

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