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Drake, DJ Black Coffee in mixtape collaboration

Black Coffee revealed that "Superman" would be featured on a highly-anticipated Drake mixtape

Compton Herald | DJ Black Coffee
Photo courtesy of DJ Black Coffee

Drake, South African DJ Black Coffee link up on forthcoming mixtape project ‘Superman’ in a new rendition of the hit track

Sometime before the end of last year, Drake hinted at a new version of DJ Black Coffee’s Superman in an Instagram video. Nevertheless, both parties did not confirm the speculation that they were cooking up something together.Compton Herald | African Diaspora

However, DJ Black confirmed the rumors during an interview with East Coast Radio’s Phat Joe. He revealed that Drake had called him the night before to let him listen to the track and give feedback on what he thinks about it.

Black Coffee revealed that the song would be featured on Drake’s highly-anticipated upcoming mixtape. While fans frowned at the idea of giving his song to Drake, DJ Black has a better plan.

“He is going to take the song to another level. People are going to love his version of the song but it won’t erase the original. People had mixed feelings‚ like: ‘why would you give someone else your song? It is your song! Why are you letting them shine on the song?’ But my understanding is different. I would love for our music to be exported on that level‚” Black Coffee said.

According to the South African star’s manager details of the project are still in the works. “We need to finalize everything and once it has all been signed and is ready‚ we will comment on it‚” he said

Drake said he has always been a big fan of Black Coffee. The rapper featured the DJ’s Superman track on a special Apple Music radio show of his favorite tracks last year.

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