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Donald Trump would deport millions of undocumented persons

The colonialist “fool-you-to-rule you” agenda indoctrinates you to forget the history of the indigenous past.

Donald Trump’s disrespect of Univision reporter portends more harsh treatment to come


COMMENTARYRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump with his colonial political ideology plans to deport 11 million undocumented individuals from America. On Aug. 26th in Dubuque, Iowa, it was Trump who threw out the first illegal alien from America — a Univision political reporter named Jorge Ramos who dared to question the leading GOP candidate [IRONY: Ramos is Mexican-American].

Before the Europeans arrived in North America, it was inhabited by indigenous native cultures. In our age and time perception is everything, Let’s look at a map of North America before colonization and its dark history of genocide which wiped out the once great indigenous race that preceded all others.

History is told by the victors as Eurocentric didactic thought would have you believe otherwise, as Europeans were not the only ones who had culture along with history. The Native Americans were no different. They possessed diverse cultures and languages like any other people in a specific geographical region or land. It was the colonialists who were the first illegal aliens randomly staking claims in North America.

The colonialist agenda indoctrinates you to forget the history of the indigenous past with a “fool-you-to-rule you” agenda, deliberately erasing the truth that there was a separate history where some 160 different North American indigenous tribes once flourished with hundreds of Native American languages.

Today the political ideology of the one percent represented by the likes of individuals like Donald Trump come to divide America, breeding only ignorance, xenophobia, contempt, and racism, renaming this land with political hatred as its new moniker.

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