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Crater deplorable in the ‘Tub-hole City’

 'Compton has more craters than the moon

What is a crater? A large, bowl-shaped cavity in the ground or on the surface of a planet or the moon (or urban city), typically one caused by an explosion or the impact of a meteorite or other celestial body (or neglect and disrepair by city leadership). Photo courtesy Taniza Crawford

LOCAL VOICES: Crater streets ‘straight outta’ Compton are big as tubs; resembles a Middle East war zone

Editor’s Note: What is a crater? A large, bowl-shaped cavity in the ground or on the surface of a planet or the moon (or urban city), typically one caused by an explosion or the impact of a meteorite or other celestial body (or neglect and disrepair by city leadership).

Webster’s should amend the definition of “crater” because the noun definitely applies to small towns like Compton, which has thousands of craters, erstwhile known as “potholes.” This is deplorable. It must be exposed to the world. Compton has had the money to remedy this problem, but the millions earmarked for repair always disappears. Shameful. The mayor and council presiding over Compton’s four districts ought to hide their heads. What they have allowed to occur is despicable. The streets don’t need bandaid “gravel spot” solutions; they need to be re-paved with a new concrete base. Simply plugging potholes with tar-based gravel is not going to get the job done. It is a temporary solution that will only start eroding with the next series of rain deluges combined with vehicular traffic. Compton cries for true leadership.

Here are the complaints of a smattering Compton residents on social media who are fed up with slip-shod governance for allowing matters like street disrepair and maintenance to go ignored for years on end. The adjoining photo is a metaphor for hundreds of shattered streets in Compton that have left the residents vociferously agitated:


Khaleilah Trepagnier-Freeman: “Compton has more craters than the moon … I guess Aja Brown never used that 10.25 percent tax hike to finish the work as she said.”

Roc Flour:  “It’s like a war zone.”

Ymeka Platt: “Please hide or report this!”

Sherida Williams: “Damn that’s sad. It’s everywhere.”

Markquell Crooms: “That’s crazy!”

Brilliantly beautiful Hairextensions: “Oh my gosh! This should be illegal.”

Tanya Cookie Johnson-Lee: “What street is this? It looks like my friend’s street in Compton. Taniza Crawford, that’s crazy.”

Taniza Crawford: “My dad’s street in Compton.”

Scoo Tee:  “Wow, potholes all the way through.”

Neisha Lynn’ee Cross: “Dayummm! I just can’t believe this! They really need to fix these streets!”

Andre Dapper Goodlow: “ Look like streets in Jamaica.” lol

Aaron Washington: “Aja Brown is crazy for allowing Compton streets to be this bad.”

Ricardo Esparza: “Looks like my street.”

Lenar Hill: “That’s some bullshi–!”

Jorrena Hartman: “What in the whole f–k! You’re definitely getting a flat going down that street.” lol

Susan Carter: “It’s been like this for about five years. Now I asked, why they don’t complain about it to the City and somebody said, ‘This is why the police don’t come on these streets.”

David Childress: “Channel 2 did a story on it recently. A homeowner was complaining. The mayor, council people, city manager, all know about it. People keep passing the blame.”

Rod Marshall: “And they still don’t want to fix the streets and my street has been like that since 2000.”

Randy Donis Miguel Cabrera: “Half of my block looks like that.”

Monserrate Borreli: “Yes – this is an emergency.”

William Childress: “Well just get paid by the City then they will fix the damn streets.”

Kirk Wilkins: “Your car will need more than new shocks [driving down] that road.”

Russell Lathom: “That street looks like something in a Third World country! That’s real life right there!! Sheesh!”

Ernestine Willingham: “Damn! They’d be better off living on a dirt road. Don’t know what they doing with our tax money.”

Compton Bubb: “That’s 133rd and Grandee, for sure.” lol

Nya Story: “This looks freaking disgusting.”

Marcie Du Benion: “Who voted for [Aja Brown] a second time? I didn’t the first time and definitely not the second time! I knew she was lying [about repairing the streets]. This is a shame.”

Louis A. Smith: “This could be a sign of gentrification.”

Gary Hardie “What street is this?”

Chad Washington: “‘Anywhere, Compton.’ All the streets look like this.”

Chanaé French: “Mayor Aja Brown, wassup?”

Stevenson Angela:  “She won’t respond.”

Chanaé French: “Stevenson Angela, not at all, only to her little supporters.”

Cesar Adrian Hernandez: “LMAO! My mom’s street in Mexico looks better than this. That’s f—ing sad.”

DjNesso Doe: “It’s a ‘Third World’ country street.”

Bamm Gilbert: “They don’t give a f–k about us. They know the streets f–ked up!”

Roger Lockhart: “Chasity, this is in Compton.”

Terry Rogers: “Crazy!”

Stevenson Angela: “I am angry because they paved some streets like the side of Myrrh by the Post Office, while on the other crossing at Santa Fe they are only doing patchwork.”

Michael Lee: “Call Dominos; they fix roads.”

Lydia Aguilar: “We all need to be tagging Mayor Aja Brown.”

Vanessa Jimenez: “This is bulls–t. Literally, all the streets in Compton look like this. Mayor Aja Brown lied to everyone.”

Gina d’Aubenay LaShal: “Call the pothole line and they should come out and fix them. Who has their number? Because this sh– is terrible!”

Dorian Banks: “That’s crazy? Call the news and let them film you shoveling dirt into potholes, to put pressure on ur elected officials.”

Elice Hennessee: “Mayor Aja Brown??”

Ed Smith: “Yep, definitely [going to] need new shocks driving on this street.”

Omar Diaz: “Looks like on Parmelee Avenue from 134th to 139th Street.”

Luther Carr IV: “Damn, that’s how streets look here in Chicago after a bad winter. It doesn’t snow [in Compton], so that’s bad.”

Akira Hill: “Call the city. We requested stop signs [before]. They should be able to clear that up.”

Channing Sanders: “I thought they had a new mayor, [and] didn’t [Dr.] Dre donate [millions] to USC? I’m sure the ‘hood would see some of that money.”








Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.


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