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Compton’s weed dispensary murders from 2015, now a ‘cold case’

Empathy for medical weed patients partly a smokescreen of skullduggery, lust for money; 2015 'cold case' murder of two a harbinger of worst to come The hunger for wealth is, in itself not a bad thing.

Empathy for medical weed patients partly a smokescreen of skullduggery, lust for money; 2015 ‘cold case’ murder of two a harbinger of worst to come

The hunger for wealth is, in itself not a bad thing. But if the lust for manna is so strong as to negate good sense and sound judgment, especially in blood-stained Compton — that’s a bad thing, an ominous sign of more encroaching darkness.

That hunger is apparent in Compton’s relaxed enforcement of its own laws — like reticence of the city’s top attorney to shutter illegal marijuana dispensaries, even if they are for medical mercy.

An ordinance in 2008 by City Attorney Craig Cornwell and approved by the City Council laid down the law, yet in September 2016, nearly two dozen weed dispensaries operate with impunity. It begs the question — who is really running the city?

Harbinger of worse things to come?

Lawless dispensary owners with little regard for the laws of the city will likely beget more disrespect for the law from criminal factions salivating at the prospect of “Green Rush” millions if the ballot measure Proposition 64 is approved by voters in November.

At least one eruption of violence from gang factions already occurred in Compton in September 2015. That case involved two men — a rap artist who was known by the moniker Wolf Da Boss, whose real name was Marqese Tann, and another man named Terrence Brown. Both were found dead inside a marijuana dispensary in Compton, last Sept. 7.

The murder case has since been remanded to the Los Angeles County’s Sheriff’s Department Compton Bureau’s surmounting stack of “icy” cold case files.

The shop was known as the Chief Keef Glo Shop and reputedly named after the rapper, Chief Keef, though it was never confirmed. The weed stop said to be a medical marijuana dispensary, has apparently gone out of business.

The chatter on social media about the murders from sources right here in Compton detailed an unconfirmed chilling scenario — the rumblings of a war over control of the weed market in Compton by imposing a “black market” tax on dispensaries, allegedly by underworld factions. Those who do not conform, pay a price.

In a city where marijuana dispensaries of any kind are still unlawful, for pot joints to operate above the law seemingly with impunity, invite tragedy on the boulevards, streets, and avenues. In a violence-torn city like Compton, that much is inevitable.

With marijuana dispensaries as lightning rods — illegal or not — now the concern is just how expansive the mayhem will become?



Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.

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  • Joanna Morales September 14, 2016

    I just have a question . . Aren’t the DEA and ATF supposed to shut down dispensaries? That’s what somebody told me..I honestly don’t know.

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