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Compton Unified adds computer science instruction

Grade school and high school students throughout CUSD will be given access to the "Taken Charge" platform

Compton Unified grade school and high school students gain access to the “Taken Charge” educational gaming platform

By RON SUASO, Contributing Writer

CARSON (MNS)— To further prepare students for college and careers through technology, Compton Unified School District (CUSD) has established a new partnership with Galvanize Labs to introduce students to computer science.

Galvanize Lab is the creator of “Taken Charge,” a game-based learning platform that teaches computer science fundamentals. “Taken Charge” is a first of its kind in educational gaming as it combines engaging entertainment quality gaming with International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE ) validated teaching effectiveness.

Grade school and high school students throughout CUSD will be given access to the “Taken Charge” platform, providing the students access to technology skills that are required at any age and in any field.

“Taken Charge” is already being used by students at Jefferson, Roosevelt, Carver, Bunche, Anderson, Kennedy, and King elementary schools – and will continue to roll out to all Compton schools.

Superintendent Darin Brawley said the district looks forward to seeing students’ computer science skills develop while engaging and learning with “Taken Charge.”

“Giving students the tools to succeed in college and careers is a major priority for us at Compton Unified. That’s why we’ve partnered with Galvanize Labs to ensure our children gain real-world knowledge and marketable job skills,” he said. “All of our students should have the opportunity to explore computer science and other STEM-related subjects, which can lead them to 21st-century careers.”

Quinn Bobbitt, vice president of Partner Relations, and co-founder of Galvanize Labs, and Centennial High School alum agrees that preparing students for tomorrow’s careers is the goal.

“The students in the Compton Unified School District will have the opportunity to benefit from exposure to computer science curriculum that will provide workforce readiness skills necessary to become a part of a constantly evolving workforce,” Bobbitt said.

The “Taken Charge” experience for students is currently comprised of four individual games that teach topics, including Computer Hardware, Internet Functionality, Networking & Security, Boolean Search Logic, Cyberbullying, and Password Protection Techniques.

Students have the ability to earn digital badges, that align with the ISTE Standards while meeting unique characters, avoiding minions, navigating levels with jump pads and fall pits and collecting Joules. To date, CUSD students have earned more than 1,000 digital badges.

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