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Compton schools volunteer advocates parental involvement

Compton schools volunteer Belinda Perry advocates parents being involved as high school students make critical decisions concerning their future

Former Compton schools educator now assists parents who want to support their children’s academic goals

COMPTON — When Belinda Perry is not busy recruiting new parent volunteers at Compton High School, the community relations specialist can be found hosting workshops at the school’s Parent Center, and other vital duties bridging the gap between students learning at school and at home.

Perry, a Compton High, Walton Middle School, and Caldwell Elementary School alum, knows first-hand the importance of parent involvement. She is also a former Compton schools educator.

Today, with assistance from volunteer colleagues, she said her mission is to inform and teach parents everything they need to know to support their children’s academic goals.

“I’m passionate about parents being involved,” she said.

Helping Compton High prepare students for college and career is a constant goal of Perry’s, even while immersed in her own goal of earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Cal State University, Dominguez Hills.

The volunteer work she performs is invaluable to the high school.

“We teach [parents] how to access our Parent Link and Aeries system, which gives them access to their children’s grades and syllabus, what papers and projects are due,” Perry said. “We also teach them how to use computers, software, the Internet, and how to take Cornell notes, which students must use in college,” Perry explained.

“When parents learn what students must know, they’re better able to help them with schoolwork,” Perry said. “If a student is working on a PowerPoint presentation, parents can say, ‘Oh I know how to do that. Let me know if you need help.'”

Perry said because high school students are at an age where they must make critical decisions concerning their future, it’s important for parents to be involved in their education.

“These students have to make decisions about college, about financial aid, and what they’re going do when they graduate,” she said. “That’s why we need parents [to be] active in [their] students’ lives. Parents might think that once their kids reach ninth grade they don’t need as much help from them, but if you talk to the students they still want their moms and dads involved.”

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