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Compton schools graduation rate improves

Compton High School had an 89 percent graduation rate; both Centennial High and Dominguez High had an 87 percent graduation rate

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Statewide report reveals 8 percent graduation rate increase over 2014-15 school year

COMPTON — The turnaround underway in the Compton schools was underscored this week as California statewide high school graduation rates for the 2015-16 school year were released. Among the cohort of students who started high school in California in 2012 – 13, 83.2 percent graduated with their class in 2016.

The numbers are higher for Compton high schools.

Compton High School had an 89 percent graduation rate while both Centennial and Dominguez had an 87 percent graduation rate. The district enjoyed an eight percent increase in the graduation rate when compared to the 2014-15 year.

School Board President Satra Zurita heaped praise on the entire Compton Unified School District team for the improvement.

“It truly is a great day in Compton. The graduation rate increases for our three schools is a further indication that the turnaround in the Compton schools is continuing and accelerating,” said Zurita. “Congratulations to our administrators, teachers, families and, most importantly, our students for the success we are experiencing in Compton schools.”

When CUSD Superintendent Darin Brawley was hired in 2012, the district identified student success as the top strategic objective. It is succeeding.

“We are making significant progress in the Compton schools. The increase in our graduation rates is another indication that our approach is working well,” Brawley said. “While we are very happy that our schools are doing better each year, be assured we will continue to work to improve test scores and graduation rates at all our schools.”

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