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Compton Politiscape 2017 off and running

The race for public office in the City of Compton is off and running at a pivotal time in the City’s history

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Politiscape 2017 started sluggishly; election cycle has since picked up some momentum with several sparsely attended candidate forums

COMPTON — The race for public office in the City of Compton is off and running at a pivotal time in the City’s history. Who will lead the city over the next four years as mayor, city council in two districts, as well in the offices of city attorney, city clerk, and city treasurer is of critical importance.

Voters have crucial decisions to make at the ballot box, and if the election of Donald Trump as POTUS didn’t wake up the electorate everywhere — including Compton — to the critical importance of political participation, then they are in a stupor with no hope for the future.

The Compton election races will be competitive with no office unopposed in 2017. The Compton Herald will be entrenched in the mix to present each candidate and what they have to offer. We will aid candidates in getting the word out and connecting with voters. The newspaper will also endorse in some races. But their will be a fee with no exceptions. Inquire at thecomptonherald@gmail.com

The Herald expects election candidates to speak to the electorate and not merely rely on posters and placards. One-liners demanding support achieve nothing. Neither is name recognition good enough on its own. The voters deserve more. If election candidates fail to connect with voters, it will contribute to apathy with the electorate choosing to remain home on election day.

Compton deserves better.

The Herald will not censor any candidate. All are encouraged to share their message through the Herald. There are some rules of engagement, however. No mudslinging as this is unproductive. Candidates should share THEIR vision for Compton. To disparage anyone else only heightens that candidate ala Donald Trump. Candidate messages should be about them. The Herald will not entertain debates (primary election), but will be permitted in runoff races.

Information sent to the Herald will be subject to editing for grammar and style only. We will not alter the spirit of candidate messages.

A fee is appropriate (30 days) and a single candidate photo (head shot) is allowed. Additional photos will incur an extra fee.

Candidates will be served on a first-come basis. For more information contact the Compton Herald at (310) 908-9683 or thecomptonherald@gmail.com

Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.


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