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Compton Herald readers give feedback

“Never stop telling the truth. Even those that don't want to read it will eventually return back to it when the truth is ultimately realized.”

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“Thought-provoking” editorials, features elicit feedback from local voices

Compton Herald stories, features, editorials, and commentary are purposed to inform and educate. While this is the noble purpose for newspapers and the journalistic craft, we understand everyone will not agree with what we publish. That is their prerogative and we take it in stride. The balance, however, is the encouraging feedback we receive. Herewith are letters sent on Aug. 19, 2017.

To submit your own feedback, please use the Comment forms at the bottom of each webpage, submit via our Contact form, or, attach Comments to our Facebook posts. – the editor.

Dear Editor:

“Jarrette, I’ve always enjoyed your commentary on many issues because I’ve always been an “open minded” person who thoroughly enjoys open opinionated dialogue.

Growing up in the turbulent times beginning in the ’50s (racism, prejudice, hate, civil unrest, lynchings, police brutality, Vietnam, etc.) as a little boy and into manhood, we as a people no longer have true bonafide leaders today as it was during the tougher times back in the day. I mean when we had people/groups like the Black Panthers, Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, Huey Newton, Bobby Seals, Stokely Carmichael, Martin Luther King, Danny Bakewell, Muhammad Ali, Dick Gregory, Ron Karenga, Angela Davis, Cesar Chavez, and so many more, I always attended their lectures. Not as a “follower, but as a person who admired them as speakers and who gave us knowledge in and about the world we live in”.

In 1971, when I was standing about 20 feet in front of Muhammad Ali at San Jose State University as he spoke to the thousands of students outside, it blew me away and a few of my teammates, when I played professional baseball for the Kansas City Royals Baseball Organization. After Ali spoke, Dick Gregory stood on the podium and spoke with such conviction about several subject matters, that even had some white students in tears. After listening to them speak, I met both of them and shook their hands.

My point in bringing up all of these well-respected people is today we really don’t have leaders like them anymore. That is why when you post something on Facebook or write a “thought-provoking” editorial in your newspaper, I really appreciate what you have to say and I look at and respect you in many ways as I respected the leaders that I mentioned!
Please continue to enlighten us with your fine work. We truly love and appreciate you!”


Dear Editor:

“Your [commentary] is always in depth, intellectual, spiritual, and enlightening. Don’t let detractors get you down. You are always a voice of rationale and reason. As I used to hear on the streets of Compton, “Just keep on keepin’ on.”


Dear Editor:

“Continue to speak the truth, my brother…truth to power. Not everyone has the biblical knowledge, understanding, wisdom, the social awareness/involvement, the moral strength, and courage, to say what needs, indeed must be said. Stay the course.”


Dear Editor:

“Never stop telling the truth. Even those that don’t want to read it will eventually return back to it when the truth is ultimately realized.”

LINDA ODDIE, Los Angeles

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  • Denise Shaw August 20, 2017

    Just a Few Thoughts on Today:
    Remember kindness and civility in everyday encounters. Some have decided in their own hearts that it’s only necessary to be kind to your circle, groups or those you consider friends. It becomes clear that choosing to treat your neighbor as yourself is a command that is sometimes forgotten.
    So many angry people ready to pull the trigger on a nasty attitude and just give you a piece of their minds. Guard your words they are powerful and every word you speak with bitterness and strife against another is poison to your own spirit and personal growth.
    Not all believe in Jesus Christ or his teachings but if you do profess to be a Christian let your speech be tempered with Grace, Kindness and Mercy. We’ve all got a journey to complete and this life is the dress rehearsal.
    Practice tolerance stop and breathe allowing your words to heal and comfort a Brother or Sister whether they are a friend or an acquaintance your compassion for others is an opportunity to practice love.
    Turning the other cheek and going the extra mile is the life of a Christian and it’s not always easy but necessary.
    Love never fails. John 1 Chapter 4 vs 7-8

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