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Compton fumbles plans, stalls summer youth football effort

McCauley may take the football program to Narbonne High School in Harbor City, which reportedly is more amenable

Compton Herald | summer youth football
Compton native, Chris McCauley hands out flyers announcing his summer youth football program. Source: Chris McCauley

Ineptitude, infighting, inflated egos in City politics hurt summer youth football effort by Compton native, Chris McCauley

Chris McCauley is a 42-year old Compton native and product of Centennial Senior High School who cares about his city and the youth here. It is evident by his solo effort to create a nonprofit summer football program to train boys how to play the sport. The ultimate goal is to shape them into strong young, principled men.

Compton Herald | Uncharted

“Uncharted” is commentary from Compton Herald publisher and editor, Jarrette Fellows, Jr.

McCauley is on the right track. Build strong bodies, disciplined minds, while keeping these young people occupied and out of trouble. After all, according to the maxim , “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

Nowhere has this been truer than Compton.

McCauley created a program called the Rosewood Redskins using his own money. Who could find fault with a young Compton native endeavoring to give back to his community? After he didn’t ask for a handout.

All Chris McCauley asked for was use of the Centennial gridiron, a practice already sanctioned by the City and Compton Unified School District at Compton and Manuel Dominguez Senior High schools under a Joint Use Agreement for use of school facilities.

McCauley had already done the heavy lifting. All he needed was for the City and CUSD to embrace his program and provide practice facilities at Centennial, which is not approved for use.

Easy enough. City government and school districts align to achieve such programs for youth all of the time – everywhere, but Compton, that is – a city, that with its tragic loss of life due to youth gang mayhem, should be running toward it with aides, resources, and official providence to assure its success.

McCauley has been attempting to get the school district and the city to work with him for more than six months, but the bunglings and blunders have been unbelievable, he says.

Compton Herald | Rosewood Redskins

Rosewood Redskins emblem courtesy Chris McCauley

A view of the e-mail thread between City Hall, CUSD, and the City of Compton Parks & Recreation Department reveals a litany of ineptitude that defies reason.

To wade through the quagmire calls were placed by the Compton Herald to Dr. Darrin Brawley, CUSD superintendent; Dr. Alejandro Alvarez, assistant superintendent; and Marvin Hunt, director of Parks & Recreation. Only Brawley sought to connect, but conflicting schedules impeded a phone interview.

A call was also placed to Councilperson Janna Zurita, McCauley’s District 1 representative. She neglected to return a call to the Herald, as well.

Given such a low level of unprofessionalism, it is little wonder Chris McCauley’s youth program has settled into a quagmire.

He has all but given up. Last we heard McCauley was considering taking the football program to Narbonne High School in Harbor City, which reportedly is more amenable. That would be Compton’s loss.

Can’t say we blame him?

Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.

  • Ms. Polk July 10, 2018

    Hello! I’m Ms. Polk, a Compton native, resident, and district employee. I have been an active volunteer in one of the senior youth football organizations in Compton for about 17 yrs. We are presently the Compton Seahawks, formerly the Compton Vikings, and we derived from the Compton Titans. I will like for Mr. McCauley to contact me: syflcomptonseahawks@gmail.com

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