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Compton election: Primary yields some surprises

Mayor Aja Brown needs only 3 percent of the uncounted ballots to put her over the top.

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Mayor Aja Brown at political watch party with supporters, the Hernandez family. Courtesy Mayor Aja Brown

Mayor, city treasurer, one council race, not nailed down at this writing; may be headed to runoffs in June 6 Compton election

COMPTON — In the marquee political race for mayor in the Compton primary election, Tuesday, April 18, Mayor Aja Brown staved off five challengers to garner 47 percent of the vote, but not enough to solidify a win to eliminate a June 6 runoff.

At press time, more than 1,700 ballots remained to be counted, which could swing the race either way, but Brown would need only 3 percent of the uncounted votes to put her over the top.

The mayor released a statement expecting a clear-cut victory.

“We expect the last ballots to be counted on April 27 [and] our goal is to finish with at least 50 percent of the vote,” Brown said.

If there is no surge to 50 percent, Brown will face-off with former mayor Omar Bradley, who accumulated 29 percent of the ballot. The deciding factor may well be who the combined 23.7 percent of the ballot will flip to, that was won by the four other candidates.

Other races were no less interesting.

In Council District 3, Tana McCoy, with 39.6 percent of the votes cast, appears to be headed to a run-off with Tomas Carlos, who tallied 26.4 percent of the vote.

Council District 2 remains unaltered. Incumbent Isaac Galvan easily retained the seat, outdistancing his closest challenger Alin Hamade, 58.7 – 15.9 percent.

In the race for city attorney, Craig Cornwell beat back a challenge by lawyer Marcus Musante, beating him with 65.6 percent of the vote to 34.3 percent.

In two surprise outcomes in the Compton election for city treasurer and city clerk — two city offices under scrutiny for embezzlement and money mismanagement — incumbent Treasurer Douglas Sanders could only muster 46.1 of the vote, and now faces a run-off with block club leader Jasper Jackson, who tallied 32.8 percent.

In the other race, embattled City Clerk Alita Godwin was able to come through the fray with 53.7 percent of the ballot cast to avoid a run-off, for the second time with School Board President Satra Zurita, who fell short with 46.2 percent. Many expected Zurita to force Godwin into a runoff.

Of 45,135 registered voters in Compton, apathy was the catchword. Only 5,241 people voted for an 11.6 percent voter turnout.

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