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Compton councilman allegedly disgraces council peer

Councilperson Emma Sharif says she found herself on the receiving end of a Galvan tirade

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Compton Fourth District Councilperson Emma Sharif (left) accuses Councilman Isaac Galvan of unprofessional behavior. Official photos

Compton Councilman Isaac Galvan accused of hurling expletive at Fourth District’s Emma Sharif during Carlsbad confab

City of Compton Councilman Isaac Galvan is no stranger to controversy, accused time and again of public displays of irresponsible, rude conduct.

Fresh off re-election to a second four-year term as the representative for the third council district, the city official finds himself, yet again, scorned for despicable behavior.

This time, Councilperson Emma Sharif says she found herself on the receiving end of a Galvan tirade, in which he addressed her with a profanity as she conferred with several political associates from throughout the state at the annual International Communication Association conference in Carlsbad, Calif., May 25-29.

A respected city official who requested anonymity, commented, “I am sick and tired of [Galvan] disrespecting Black women. In 2015, he referred to the [all Black] women on the city council, including Mayor [Aja] Brown, as n—-rs and monkeys. People said he was inebriated when he made the comments, but it was how he felt. It was in his heart and that’s what came out. He’s threatened Councilperson Sharif, [saying] that he had $3,000 to initiate a recall against her. Well, he should understand, he can also be recalled.”

Sharif documented the incident in a letter titled, “For the Citizens of Compton.” The letter, shown below, was also sent exclusively to the Compton Herald.

Emma Sharif letter

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