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Compton auto market taken for granted

Compton car buyers should make the dealerships work for Compton's valuable auto market; treat it like the gold mine it is

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Dealerships should treat the Compton auto market like the gold mine it is

Compton residents spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on new car purchases each year. They deposit enormous amounts of tax revenue in neighboring cities through multiple car dealerships — not one cent goes to the City of Compton.

Why do Compton citizens prefer to buy new and used automobiles in cities outside of Compton, enriching the tax base of cities like Carson, Gardena, Torrance, Cerritos, Long Beach, Lynwood, and Southgate?

The answer is simple. Compton does not have a single auto dealership. It is not because Compton citizens do not purchase new and used cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans — because they do.

Compton used to be teeming with auto dealerships up and down Long Beach Boulevard and Rosecrans Avenue during the hey-days of the 50s, 60s, and early 70s. The last full-fledged new auto enterprise was Brett Mitchell Chevrolet that went out of business in 1988.

Compton is a fertile market for new car buyers. People can disparage Compton all they want as being this, that, and the other, but truth is, Compton is a working-class city. People report to “9-5s” every day to be able to buy food and clothing for their families, pay their bills — even buy new cars.

Just ask Car Pros KIA Carson, Carson Toyota, Cerritos Auto Square or DCH Gardena Honda. They reap a bounty from Compton without even trying. These dealerships do not woo the Compton auto market in any way.

Car Pros KIA Carson and Carson Toyota just across the Compton-Carson city line make numerous car sales to Compton citizens without lifting a finger. They should be rolling out the red carpet to the Compton market, but they are not. Instead, they take Compton for granted — expecting car buyers to just come knocking.

And they do because no one sells cars in Compton.

Compton car buyers should refuse to be treated like used hubcaps in a greasy junkyard. They deserve more respect than that. Make the dealerships work for the valuable Compton auto market; treat it like the gold mine it is.

After all, if Comptonians are going to purchase new cars, anyway, there are many other dealerships outside of the Carson-Cerritos-Gardena-Torrance quadrangle, that can also make them a great deal on a new or used car purchase.

At least until Compton secures its own auto dealership.

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