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Border wall hypocrisy

Lack of a border wall not biggest threat to America’s security The hypocrisy of the border wall is the biggest security threat to America; a ruse concocted by Trumputin. For those who aren't aware, I didn't

Lack of a border wall not biggest threat to America’s security

The hypocrisy of the border wall is the biggest security threat to America; a ruse concocted by Trumputin. For those who aren’t aware, I didn’t coin this moniker idly this is who’s running the country right now. Russia is still an American adversary. Vladimir Putin, the communist nation’s leader would like nothing better than to destabilize our nation. He has made long gains to accomplish that through the 45th POTUS, hence the metaphor, which has upset the equilibrium of the nation.

Compton Herald | Uncharted

“Uncharted” is commentary from Compton Herald publisher and editor, Jarrette Fellows, Jr.


Consider Trumputin’s dangerous and reckless government shutdown. The furlough of 800,000 federal employees is taking a toll on government wildfire readiness, for instance. Just two months after a conflagration wiped out Paradise, Calif. and thoroughly scorched Malibu, Calif., officials are gearing up for the 2019 fire season and fear the government shutdown could make it even more difficult than one of the worst in history.

According to one news report, “Winter months are critical for wildfire managers, who use the break from the flames to prepare for the next onslaught, but much of that effort has ground to a halt on federal land because employees are furloughed. Firefighting training courses have been canceled from Tennessee to Oregon, piles of dead trees are untended in federal forests and controlled burns to thin dry vegetation are not getting done.”

Hurricane season. We are upon it again. God forbid another spectacularly massive hurricane should hit the East Coast, Florida Panhandle, the Alabama-Georgia- Louisiana triad, Texas and the Gulf of Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) would be hard-pressed to manage another disaster of last year’s epic proportion.

Then there’s the Transportation Safety Administration’s (TSA) readiness at the nation’s airports, which has been weakened from employee resignations and sick calls for lack of remuneration. Who’s watching the threat of terrorist incursions and drug trafficking? Lack of eyes for these perils is a grave compromise to national security. We know that most terrorists and drug traffickers have been intercepted and arrested attempting to enter the U.S. through the nation’s airports in 2017.

The U.S. Coast Guard conducts the patrol of our maritime coastal points of entry on the East and West coasts, and the Gulf of Mexico not to mention Alaska and Hawaii  hardening national security against threats that would come by sea including the ever-increasing pathway of drug trafficking by ocean routes.

Homeland Security is a federal agency and unpaid wages have certainly contributed to domestic hardship and a dip in employee morale.

The aforementioned inadequacies works in the favor of U.S. adversaries as the nation’s security has been severely weakened. America’s enemies intent on delivering a telling blow to us must be salivating – indeed and planning to take advantage of the nation’s current vulnerability.

Trumputin’s concern is not border security anything but! He could have secured $5.7 billion to build the wall during his first two years in office when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. The 45th is petulant and pathetic and would use 800,000 Americans as pawns to get his way for a border wall that would prove a gargantuan waste of money because people determined to negotiate it will either go over or under it.

Still, the government shutdown ensues while the very real risk to America’s overall security could not be more imperiled as it is today. It has less to do with the U.S.-Mexico border, than Trumputin’s recalcitrance.




Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.


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