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Basics of a complete ban of marijuana business in Compton  

A complete, total ban of the marijuana business in Compton can be brought to pass by the residents  BY CYNTHIA MACON and SUSAN ADAMS For those who seek a different type of progress and change for the

A complete, total ban of the marijuana business in Compton can be brought to pass by the residents


For those who seek a different type of progress and change for the Compton community based on a rebirth of safe and friendly neighborhoods, one giant step residents can take, is to demand a complete and total ban of the marijuana business in Compton.

Why? Proposition 64 to legalize recreational and medical marijuana in California is expected to pass in November 2016. However, the controversy rages about “where” the business of marijuana will be conducted. The state of California will regulate through a dual-licensing system whereby marijuana businesses will require both a state and local license to operate. California cities, especially “bedroom” communities like Compton, have therefore rushed on an emergency basis to enact allowable local city bans that completely prohibit the conduct of the marijuana business and commercial cannabis activity within their city limits.

Courtesy Pinterest

Courtesy Pinterest

While Compton has a 2008 prohibition specifically outlawing marijuana dispensaries, the city does not have a complete ban that covers the full range of possible marijuana business activities such as commercial cultivation, distribution, testing, processing, and delivery. Therefore, the Compton City Council needs to get to work in chambers to write and pass a city resolution that enacts a full ban of all commercial cannabis activity as most surrounding cities have already done.

With a total ban in place, the business of marijuana cannot be conducted within Compton city limits. However, if and when Prop 64 passes, recreational users in a city with a full ban will still be allowed to use and carry the state legalized amounts of marijuana without police interference, and any terminally-ill patient or those with a legitimate medical necessity will still be able to purchase marijuana from cities with no ban.

Given Compton’s failed ability to enforce its existing ban on marijuana dispensaries and those in leadership selling out Compton by profiteering, the business of marijuana needs to be left to more competent and less corrupt cities.

todos-con-una-misma-dirección.jpg mxgm.orgSeems simple enough, right? Just pass a resolution calling for a complete ban of all marijuana businesses in a city like Compton that has a history of drug violence, drug deaths, corruption, and limited regulatory capacity. So what, pray tell, is the problem? There are rumored forces within the city not interested in the will of the people who are looking to make their fortune off the marijuana business who do not want to see a full and complete ban. They desire to do nothing and let in the non-regulated areas of the marijuana business by default, or they want to pass a resolution that leaves open certain areas for their benefit. Either way, the last thing they want to see is a total ban. We want a complete ban, and if you agree, what can you do?

Here are a few steps and tools you might want to consider before your dreams of a better Compton go up in smoke.

Step 1: Recruit a council person or the city administration to introduce a resolution for vote calling for a complete ban.

Any single member of the council can ask for the drafting of a city resolution by the city manager, city attorney, and their staff to completely ban the commercial marijuana business in Compton.  Encourage and support any city councilperson(s) willing to step forth and call for and introduce emergency legislation that closes any open loopholes and completely bans commercial marijuana activity in Compton.

Step 2: Don’t take excuses for the drafting of a full ban. Here is a sample resolutions drafted by The League of California Cities in May 2016 and one implemented by the City of Cerritos.

Suggest that Compton city officials use either of these samples to draft the appropriate resolution tailored to Compton’s needs to institute a complete ban. And watch out for those on the dais not wanting to do and enact anything or the introduction of masquerading resolutions which are in fact just another partial ban. Either of these options leaves the city open to the state’s automatic legalization of the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, testing, processing, and delivery of marijuana in Compton.

League of California Cities Sample Ban Resolution. City of Cerritos Sample Ban Resolution

Step 3: Check any introduced resolution and its instructions against our handy-dandy check-off list of the basic elements that should be included in a complete ban and prohibition:

  • Close all existing smoke shops, medical dispensaries, collectives/co-ops, and cultivation/grow operations.
  • Change land ordinances and zoning laws to completely ban commercial marijuana cultivators and growers, and cultivation in private homes anywhere Compton.
  • Ban medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives/co-ops, clubs, and all other manifestations;
  • Ban retail smoke and brick-and-mortar operations.
  • Ban commercial delivery and mobile business for medical or retail marijuana delivery in or out of the city.
  • Ban the manufacture, testing, processing, distribution, and all medical cannabis activity.
  • Ban the sale of all forms of marijuana (edibles, oils, drinks, gum, and syrups.
  • Institute severe fines and consequences for violators.
  • Set strict guidelines for distances from schools and other community locations of concern.

Step 4:  Contact and demand the mayor and city council vote to pass a complete ban and not another partial ban.

Step 5:  Educate the community on real truth versus myth.

Recreational Use. If the statewide Marijuana Initiative offered on the November 2016 ballot passes as is expected, recreational users, even in Compton with a full ban, will still be entitled to have and carry on their person the state legalized amount (approximately one ounce  of marijuana) without being subject to police interference. Recreational use and carry in Compton will not be prohibited as some claim.

Medical Necessity Use. Marijuana proponents often capitalize on the medically-ill, figuratively putting their foot in the door so thousands of others can rush in behind them. A full ban on medical marijuana dispensaries and business activity in Compton will not prohibit the terminally ill or others with a medical necessity, from use. Persons with a verifiable medical necessity will still be able to get medical marijuana from cities that do not have a ban.

More than half of California cities are already following this model without problems.

Legal and Moral. This is not a dialogue about the medicinal qualities of marijuana or the question of whether to legalize. Those questions should be addressed through your vote on Prop 64 in November. This is to address the local question of the nature of our neighborhoods and the message to our children. Proponents and profiteers of marijuana will often join the conversation in a community just to promote their interest in having marijuana legalized.

Taxes and Revenue. The state measure and imposed local taxes will make available to local government funding based on taxation, but all money is not good money, especially for a city with Compton’s history.

Further, the City of Long Beach undertook a study and discovered enforcement would cost $5 million while the tax revenue would only generate $3million.

Real Intent. The promotion of marijuana in Compton is not about taxes and revenue to benefit the city. It is about throwing a bone to the city and those, even on the dais, who will buy-in or sell-out, so participants and owners in the marijuana business in Compton can make their fortunes. Compton and its people, public service, and its children can actually be damned.

Part three of Ban Marijuana will focus on the political climate and backroom drama against which those calling for a complete ban of the marijuana industry in Compton must wage war.

Cynthia Macon and Susan Adams are members of a grassroots coalition called the Daughters of Compton.



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  • Robert Ray December 12, 2016

    Wednesday evening the Compton Planning Commission will be voting to change zoning ordinances which will prohibit marijuana cultivation in Compton. This meeting is at 7 PM in the Council Chambers and is open to the public.

  • Connie Halbig November 20, 2016

    There should be a complete ban of marijuana in Compton. Those that are smoking this medical have no regards for their neighbors having to live with the smell. It also is bad for the pets that must smell it also. It affects both human and pets that live next door within 30 feet.

  • Tomas Carlos September 1, 2016

    “not my fault I was elected”,,words of one of the city council members.

  • Cannabis patient August 31, 2016

    It is so easy to say it should be a full ban in the city of Compton. So what do you suggest that people of Compton go to other cities to get there medical cannabis. African Americans are always shut out of every Industry it is. Cannabis is Much safer the Alcohol and cigarettes. But if you go back to our early beginning cannabis was used as an Herb. So why should residents of Take money out of Compton and give it to Long Beach or LA. Yeah is that a great idea No.
    When you Implament a well written Ordnance that the city of Compton is comfortable with then the sheriffs have something to regulate. Why shouldn’t Compton bring good paying Jobs to its City
    Fix its Schools and add more Youth Centers
    In all four districts. Fix its terrible pot holes,
    It’s so much more then just dispensaries.
    You have Wellness centers for Senior citizens where they can receive treatment
    Like acupuncture, how to use topicals and
    Learn how to take their medical cannabis

    Compton has issues with Cocain and alcohol like all other major black and brown
    Communities. Cannabis isn’t a Drug, it’s a Plant with a lot of healing agents to it.
    You don’t have to smoke it, you can use it
    In your tea, as a lotion the helps arthritis,
    For sever pain, it lowed my high blood pressure. So many more.

    How about you get educated on it before
    You condem it.

    Thank you
    Resident of Compton

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