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Jerome E. Horton, represents the 3rd District, California State Board of Equalization. Horton is the only Member with 38 years of tax policy, law, and administrative experience. Horton is also the first African-American elected to the Board since its inception.

Compton Herald | California gas tax

Poor to middle-income Californians -- pushed into suburbs for affordable housing -- have lower salaries, longer commutes; slightest increase gas tax is burdensome

Compton Herald | Trump

'Policies [are] failing people of color, but more and more of our White brothers and sisters are suffering as well'

Compton Herald | Trump tax

Your principal place of residence is the address on your voter registration, your car registration, and where you return after work

Compton Herald | GOP Tax Plan

'To protect its taxpayers, California must consider tax reform that will stimulate long-term career employment'

Compton Herald | trump tax

President Trump’s surrogates and economists espouse that helping the rich will increase salaries and create jobs, but history proves otherwise