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Jarrette Fellows, Jr. is Publisher and Editor of Compton Herald. He attended junior and senior high school in Compton, and is an alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles.

Vaping from e-cigarette devices presents health threats from heating the chemical composition, while addicting nicotine, the chief ingredient in e-cigs like JUULs, can accelerate

Compton Herald | Super Bowl cruises

Mayfield’s most successful cruises to date have been the Super Bowl cruises, six of which steamed in 2018

Compton Herald | summer youth football

McCauley may take the football program to Narbonne High School in Harbor City, which reportedly is more amenable


Inglewood, nicknamed “Jewel of the South Bay,” may displace tens thousands to make way for gentrification

Compton Herald | specter

How many more nameless, faceless specters are out there waiting for the opportunity to gain infamy?