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David Benjamin is a health, fitness & green living advocate for Healthy, Wild and Free and a regular contributor to the Compton Herald.

Compton Herald | chia seeds Photo: Flickr/Stacy Spensley

Chia sprouts are a different form of the seed that still offers many of the same benefits, plus a few more


Majority of Americans, 75 percent in a state of chronic dehydration due to inadequate water consumption There are coffee lovers, tea drinkers, kombucha enthusiasts, and


Turmeric is beneficial for digestive health, brain health, cancer prevention and also has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties


Healthy living advocate David Benjamin with tips on how to make your gut hostile to parasites


Banana peels can be used to improve your beauty, health, and enrich the soil in your garden When we think of whole foods we typically