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Are mass poisonings targeting people of color?

Are corporations seeking to generate billions doing so by undermining the health of poor Black and Brown communities?

A shirt worn by a man during a rally displays a poisonous logo alongside the text ‘City of Flint MI Water Dept.’ on January 24, 2016 at Flint City Hall in Flint, Michigan. Photo: Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Does corporate profit hinge on death, conspiracy in Urban America? Popular scientific blogger says mass poisonings intended to exact deadly toll on urban communities

Pharmaceutical drugs, child vaccines, genetically modified foods, the public water supply, street drugs, police abuse — all factors believed by some to be exacting a calculated, injurious toll on Black and Brown communities in America.

Without evidence corroborating any nefarious plan, the idea is often dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Ironically, according to a blogger named Mike Adams a.k.a “The Health Ranger” who writes at NaturalNews.com, much of the doubt exists in the very communities said to be targeted.

Adams, in a Facebook video shown below, shares unsettling notions about how corporations seeking to generate billions in annual profit do so by undermining the health of poor Black and Brown communities throughout the nation.

While Adams has a dubious reputation in the science and journalism communities, and a reputation for using such propaganda to promote himself and attack critics, his incendiary, but thought-provoking commentary bears attention.

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